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Art and Politics

NOW'S David Brancaccio talks with noted American author Kurt Vonnegut about art, politics and everything in between.

Earlier this year, legendary designer and artist Milton Glaser came to NOW to talk about the exhibit and book, THE DESIGN OF DISSENT. View some of the images and then talk about their impact on the message boards.

Can original thinkers at the intersection of art, politics, and truth-telling help us connect the dots between the complicated issues facing the nation? Or does the mixture of politics and art lead down a dangerous path to censorship and political correctness? Explore NOW's coverage of art and politics below.

Tell us what you think about politics and art on the NOW message boards.

WPA Poster for Theater production of The Emperor Has No Clothes
Political Theater: Delve into the history of political theater from the Greeks to today's one-woman powerhouse, Sarah Jones. Director Ping Chong brings the stories of child survivors of war to the stage. Exploring genius online with the NOTEBOOKS OF LEONARDO DA VINCI.
Woman reading
Literature: Actor and playwright Wallace Shawn about his most recent foray into the nexus of art and politics — a one-edition journal called FINAL EDITION. Azar Nafisi on READING LOLITA IN TEHRAN. And literary legends Doris Lessing, Alice Walker, and Walter Mosley.
John Sayles' SILVER CITY
Film: John Sayles talks about his story of a political race, SILVER CITY. View clips from Sayles' SUNSHINE STATE. Gregory Nava on bringing Hispanic America to big and little screens.
Comedian Mort Sahl
Satire: Who's Laughing Now? A history of American political satire. Test your knowledge of Mark Twain and find out more about the ongoing controversy over his work. Plus, a satire lesson plan for high school students.
Albert Maysles' SALESMAN
Documentaries: Jehane Noujaim's CONTROL ROOM about Al Jazeera and the war in Iraq. The history of the Direct Cinema movement with Albert Maysles. The documentarian's eye with Bill Gentile.
Photo of an Afghan man by Siobhan Lynam
Photography: Explore the world with NOW's photo essays. Changing the Earth by Emmet Gowin. Plus, What makes a community? And, three women interpret the legacy of war in Afghanistan, the Sudan and around the world.
Photo of Black Mesa by Dan Budnik
Your Turn: Take a look at what other NOW viewers have written about our Photo of the Week images: Navajo Standoff; Invisible Women of Kandahar; Crutches and others.

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