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Ugandan children
NOW goes inside the debate over the best use of overseas AIDS relief dollars. Producer Betsy Rate narrates a photo essay about NOW's trip to Uganda.
The Design of Dissent
Milton Glaser on his new book THE DESIGN OF DISSENT. Take a look at images from the book and exhibit.
photo by Jacques-Jean Tiziou
Jacques-Jean Tiziou's photo diary of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers' battle against Taco Bell. View a photo essay.
Child in the Sudan
Michal Ronnen Safdie's powerful images of refugees from the Darfur conflict, a photo essay.
The Face of War
The Face of War. Images from Iraq, a photo essay.
Photo by Sebastião Salgado
The End of Polio. Photographer Sebastião Salgado travels the world to follow the death of a disease.
NOW's David Brancaccio explores The Rocky Mountain Front. Visit the endangered wilderness.
Soldier and flower in Nicaragua by Bill Gentile
War and Peace. Photojournalist Bill Gentile returns to Nicaragua.
Carnival picture by Jeff Brouws
Photographer Jeff Brouws takes us to the carnival.
Braiding Hair by Artist Jonathan Green
Artist Jonathan Green narrates a photo essay about his art and home.
Afghan Child and father in refugee camp by Siobhan Lynam
Aid Worker Síobhan Lynam tells the stories behind her photos of life in an Afghan refugee camp.
New York during the blackout
New York City in Blackout. Photographer Michael Lorenzini travels around a city in the dark.
Crater from above by Emmet Gowin
Photographer Emmet Gowin documents mankind's footprints on the Earth.
Photo by Lori Grinker
Photographer Joan Liftin explores life in Little Haiti for the Indivisible Project.
South African flower by Candace White
Producer Candace White talks about the joys and challenges of making a nature documentary.
Mary, South Africa, by Jamila Paksima
Producer Jamila Paksima tells the devastating story of child rape in South Africa in Why the Children?
Havana image by Bill Gentile
Producer and Photographer Bill Gentile talks about the art of documentary-making and life in contemporary Havana.
Masuda Sultan
Afghan-American Masuda Sultan narrates her journey to her homeland in Back to Kandahar.

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