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We also have annotations on the following topics: Sherman AlexieThe Harlem RenaissanceHudson River HistoryMythologyLangston HughesBarbara KingsolverNew Orleans HistoryNaomi Shihab NyeArundhati RoyJohn Sayles


Virtual Library: Museums

The Guggenheim

Museum of Modern Art

Smithsonian Museum of American Art

National Gallery of Art

Smithsonian Institution


Classical Singer Magazine

Jazz Now

The Opera Critic

Rolling Stone

Spin Magazine

Vibe Magazine

Sherman Alexie:

Sherman Alexie Official Web Site
The official Web site of writer, poet, director, Sherman Alexie gives fans the opportunity to view the man behind the words. The Web site features a bibliography of Alexie's literary work along with excerpts; a filmography; transcripts of interviews with Alexie; and a listing of Alexie's current projects. Another innovative feature is a laundry list of Alexie's favorite books, poems, writers, and films. The web site also includes links, a gallery of photographs of Alexie, and press information.

Poetry Exhibits: Sherman Alexie offers a biography of Sherman Alexie. The Web page also includes a full bibliography and an exhaustive list of links to other Sherman Alexie web sites.

What It Means to Be Sherman Alexie
In this profile of Sherman Alexie, BOOK MAGAZINE explores what makes the Indian writer tick. From his affinity with Kurt Cobain or his morbid high school fantasies to his critically acclaimed writings etched out at 3:00am at the local IHOP, this article suggests Sherman Alexie will remain "a moving target" for fans and critics alike.

The Farm by Sherman Alexie
Reviving the horrors of colonization, Sherman Alexie's poem tells the story of how the cure for cancer spells a horrific future for reservation Indians.

The Harlem Renaissance:

Harlem Renaissance
Brief summary of the Harlem Renaissance from the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Harlem Song
The official Web site of George C. Wolfe's new play, Harlem Song. Show dates and performance times are listed.

PBS Hollywood Presents: The Old Settler
PBS's companion Web site to their production, THE OLD SETTLER, a film based upon John Henry Redwood's play set in 1943 Harlem. The "Harlem in the 40's" page provides historical background for the play, explaining why Harlem because the epicenter of African American culture in the early 20th century.

Rhapsodies in Black: Art of the Harlem Renaissance
Web site dedicated to the art and artists of the Harlem Renaissance. The major themes are "The Harlem Renaissance," "the New Negro," "Modernity and Modernism," "A Blues Aesthetic," "Imaging Africa," and "Haiti and Images of Black Nationhood." Users can view specific pieces of art and discover its contribution to African American culture.

History: The Hudson River:

American Rivers
American Rivers is a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to protecting and restoring rivers nationwide. The site features background on river issues and campaigns, including a list of America‚s most endangered rivers; toolkits for river conservation; instructions on how to take action; and a gateway to river groups across the country.

Audubon Online
The National Audubon Society works to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, and runs several campaigns to preserve and protect rivers across the country. On the site, you can read updates on Audubon‚s campaigns, publications, and special projects, learn about birds and science, get information about education programs, and find contact information for your state or local chapter.

Hudson River Valley‚s Information Resource
This web site provides a wealth of information on various aspects of the Hudson River Valley history and culture, including sections on attractions, museums, arts, music, politics, books, sports, environment, lodging, antiques, transportation, weather and more.

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
This non-profit organization was created to defend and restore the Hudson River, and provides through its web site: news and bulletins, event listings, information about environmental action and education, sailing schedules for the sloop, and a map of selected attractions from the tip of Manhattan all the way up the Hudson River.

The New-York Historical Society
The New-York Historical Society offers updates on acquisitions, collection materials, education and public programs. The web site features detailed and searchable catalogs of museum collections and library collections, descriptions of current exhibitions and details on the Historical Society‚s education programs.

Scenic Hudson
Scenic Hudson is a nonprofit environmental organization, dedicated to protecting and enhancing the scenic, natural, historic, agricultural and recreational treasures of the majestic 315-mile-long Hudson River and its valley. The site lists the latest news and events, suggestions on how to volunteer, and detailed information on parks, preserves, and trails in the Hudson River Valley.

History: The Civil War:

The American Civil War Home Page
This site, dedicated to Civil War information, is divided into sections such as battles, biographies, medicine, essays, and many more.

Mary Elizabeth Bowser
A profile by the Richmond Times-Dispatch in a series called Black History: Virginia Profiles.


Greek Mythology
An introduction to Greek Mythology, including an explanation of the origins of myth, a quiz, a section comparing Greek and Roman names and an alphabetical list of the immortals. You can also browse a list of related books or follow links to sites about books, art, maps, coins, and more.

Myth Web
A site devoted to the heroes, gods and monsters of Greek mythology, featuring animation and a section on "are Greek myths relevant today?"

An introduction and commentary to Ovid's text

A complete English translation and mythological index of Metamorphoses

Horton Foote:

New York State Writers Institute: Horton Foote
Brief biography of Foote, with information on his film and stage productions.

Langston Hughes and Black History Month:

Cora Unashamed
PBS site for the Masterpiece Theatre version of Cora Unashamed, Langston Hughes's moving Depression-era story of an African American domestic working in a stifling Midwestern household.The site features reprints of several works by Hughes and a timeline of his life, in addition to essays and interviews about the making of the program.

The Academy of American Poets — Langston Hughes
Profile and selected bibliography as well as selected poems and links to Langston Hughes exhibits and resources on the web.

The Langston Hughes Review
Official publication of The Langston Hughes Society

The Encyclopaedia Britannica Guide to Black History
A comprehensive review of Black History with related internet links, study guide, audio and video supplements and articles A-Z.

Barbara Kingsolver

Official Kingsolver web site
The official web site of Barbara Kingsolver, enables fans to access news, a biography of Kingsolver, bibliography, and also recommends topical discussions for reading groups.

"And Our Flag Was Still There"
Kingsolver's September 25, 2001 op-ed decries the use of patriotism to conceal self-interest while questioning the conventional view of patriotism in a time of war. She asserts the need to redefine patriotism to include the necessity of dissent.

"A Pure, High Note of Anguish"
Kingsolver's first editorial on the September 11 terrorist attacks from the Los Angeles Times in which she discusses her feelings of powerlessness in the face of tragedy and the absurdity of war.

"No Glory in Unjust War on the Weak"
Editorial from the Los Angeles Times in which Kingsolver offers her perspective on the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan.

New York Times Featured Author: Barbara Kingsolver
Web site includes reviews of Kingsolver's books from the archives of the New York Times, articles on and by Kingsolver, related links, and an audio special of Kingsolver reading from her novel THE POISONWOOD BIBLE.

New Orleans History

Haunted New Orleans
This Web site allows visitors to investigate the supernatural side of New Orleans. Visit the grave of the infamous voodoo priestess Marie Laveau or read some bone-chilling ghost stories. If vampires are more to your liking, allow Ann Rice to navigate you through New Orleans vampire lore or her annual Cloven Balls. Read about real-life zombies in the Voodoo section or finally, discover some of the spooky occurrences that have plagued New Orleans from its conception.

Mardi Gras History
The history of the spring festival that brings hordes of people across the nation and the world for a week of celebration.

New Orleans History - Lake Pontchartrain
Featured in THE DROWNING OF NEW ORLEANS, Lake Pontchartrain is the water source that could submerge New Orleans. But it is also a unique historical and cultural landmark. This Web site details all the history and culture associated with Lake Ponchartrain, including settings for literature and song, landmarks, ports and harbors, people and stories. Also included is a history timeline beginning with the 1600's up to the present.

New Orleans History and Heritage
From comes a guide for those seeking history in New Orleans. Discover Faubourg Tremť, America's oldest black neighborhood or visit New Orleans' most historic homes. The special feature "Jazz Funeral," examines a cultural phenomenon unique to New Orleans which can be traced to Africa. Other options include the Ursuline Collection, highlighting the 275-year history of the Ursuline Nuns, Cajun and Creole food descriptions, and access to the Amistad research center.

New Orleans History & Heritage
Provided by The Official Tourism Site of the City of New Orleans.

Naomi Shihab Nye

Voices from the Gaps: Naomi Shihab Nye
This biography of Naomi Shihab Nye makes connections between Nye's ethnicity and her populist poetry that championing ordinary occurrences and people. Other features include a selective bibliography and related links.

Pif Magazine: Interview with Naomi Shihab Nye
In this interview with Pif, a small fiction and poetry magazine, Naomi Shihab Nye discusses how she was first published and the proper mental attitude that is beneficial for writers submitting work.

Letter from Naomi Shihab Nye, An American Poet, To Any Would-Be Terrorists
"Sit down and listen," Naomi Shihab Nye demands in her open letter to any "would-be" terrorists. Half Palestinian, Nye extends a compassionate hand to those contemplating suicide attacks to voice political frustration. A believer in non-violence and the written word, Nye believes that militants must renounce violence to win international support for their goals and aspirations.

Arundhati Roy

The Algebra of Infinite Justice
In this essay, Indian novelist, activist Arundhati Roy cross-examines the U.S.'s war on terrorism within the historical context of U.S. foreign interventions. Tracing American foreign policy back to the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Roy concludes Osama Bin Laden is a monster created by the U.S. military-intelligence complex to give the Soviet Union its own Vietnam-like quagmire.

Arundhati Roy Official Web site
Arundhati Roy's OFFICIAL WEB SITE features a biography of her life, a summary of THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS, and an exploration of Arundhati's writing style expressed in her own words.

Arundhati Roy: The Progressive Interview
David Barsamian from the PROGRESSIVE interviews Arundhati Roy on gender and social caste, the interdependence between the personal and the political, and her resistance to dam construction in Narmada Valley, India.

The Greater Common Good
In this essay, Arundhati Roy takes on dam construction in India. Originally loved by all classes, religions, and ideologies, dams are now seen as colonial relics that redistribute wealth upwards, displace people, and harm the environment according to Roy. To stop dam construction in the Narmada Valley, Roy advocates grass roots activism and civil disobedience.

Under the Nuclear Shadow
Arundhati Roy comments on the rising tensions between India and Pakistan over the disputed territory of Kashmir. By framing her commentary around flesh and blood people, Arundhati Roy shows the wanton destruction a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan would bring to each nation's people.

Wind, Rivers, and Rain
In this interview with, Arundhati Roy discusses India, the critics' need for literary comparison, the obscenity charges she faces in her home region and her book THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS.

John Sayles

The John Sayles Border Shop
Tribute Web site containing up-to-date information and news about John Sayles and his work. Other features include a biography and filmography page, research annex, and a John Sayles store where users can purchase merchandise, books and movies by and about John Sayles.

Official Sunshine State Movie Site
Official Web site of the movie that contains a film diary of the production process, location notes, and streaming video clips of the movie. Other features include the filmís synopsis, biography and photography of director John Sayles, links to relevant socially conscious organizations, and a sweepstakes page.

Interview with John Sayles from
Transcript of an interview with MovieMaker Magazine, in which John Sayles expounds on the art of filmmaking, the hardship of financing independent films, and the sources of inspiration that led to the motion picture Lone Star.

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