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Executive in Charge: Lesley Norman

Senior Producer: Ty West

Senior Correspondent: Maria Hinojosa

Producers: Jennie Amias, Brenda Breslauer, Karla Murthy

Field Producer: Dan Logan

Associate Producers: Brian Epstein, Mona Iskander, Fae Moore, Abigail Leonard

Editors: Larry Goldfine, David Kreger, Judith Starr Wolff

Assistant Editors: Tim Geraghty, Andrew Jenter

Coordinating Producer: Ria Gazdar

Line Producer: Steve Bennett

Production Manager: Anthony Volastro

Production Associates: Elyse Eisenberg, Danielle Muniz, Gloria Teal, Yasmeen Qureshi

Director of New Media: Joel Schwartzberg

Senior Producer, New Media: Karin Kamp

Technical Producer: Jeremy Hinsdale

Director of Development: Mimi Evans

Department Coordinator: Sheree Thompkins

Administrative Assistant: Tesfaye Negussie

Creative Director: Chris Degnen

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Additional Music By: David Biglin, Chris Houston, Guy Parker

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