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Called "fearless about challenging conventional wisdom" by Tom Brokaw and "one of the last bastions of serious journalism on TV" by the Austin American-Statesman, the Emmy-winning PBS weekly newsmagazine NOW on PBS engages viewers with documentary segments and insightful interviews that probe the most important issues facing democracy, including media policy, corporate accountability, civil liberties, the environment, politics, social responsibility, and foreign affairs.

Hosted by award-winning veteran journalist David Brancaccio, NOW on PBS goes beyond the noisy churn of the news cycle and gives viewers the context to explore their relationship with the larger world. In an era where commercial values in journalism risk overwhelming democratic values and corporate interests can prevail over the public interest, NOW on PBS continues to stand apart as what The Christian Science Monitor called the "one program going against the grain." In 2008, NOW was the winner of two Emmy Awards for business and financial news coverage.

The show in itself is a powerful democracy tool, enlightening and informing the American public with one-of-a-kind news analysis and insight, thoroughly researched and put together by some of the best journalists in America. Winner of the Edward R. Murrow Award in electronic journalism, the NOW Web site at is a comprehensive source of information, insight, and new media presentations.

NOW on PBS is a production of JumpStart Productions, LLC, in association with Thirteen/WNET New York. The show can also be accessed through On-Demand television, audio podcasting, video podcasting, social networks, and streaming video on the NOW website at

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NOW is funded by the PBS Foundation, Orfalea Family Foundation, Marguerite Casey Foundation, Park Foundation, Nathan Cummings Foundation, CS Fund/Warsh-Mott Legacy, desJardins/Blachman Fund, the Deblinger Family, Tides Foundation, Sumac Fund, Public Television Viewers and the Public Broadcasting System.

The show is produced by JumpStart Productions, LLC, in association with Thirteen/WNET New York.

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