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Child in refugee camp, photo by Siobhan Lynam
Society and Community:
After the War
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Siobhan Lynam is currently on a career break from her position as National Community Development and Equality Coordinator with ADM - Ireland's national independent agency that manages local development, social inclusion and equality programs for the European Union and the Irish Government. During this time she is exploring new ways of sensitizing policy makers, non-governmental organizations and local people to develop and support a more international perspective and cooperative learning approach to local development and equality work - thinking and co-operating globally and acting locally. She is a long-time photographer, and regularly teams up with her documentary filmmaker husband on particular projects.

Siobhan narrates our photo essay about her journey to Afghanistan with Dominic MacSorley and Concern.

Siobh‡n Lynam
Siobhan Lynam

Photo Essay
"I had the opportunity to accompany my partner Barrie Dowdall to Afghanistan and Pakistan to work doing field sound for the fly-on-the-wall documentary project for 'NOW with Bill Moyers'. What a privileged opportunity that was.

As Barrie's assistant and field sound tech, I was kept pretty busy. However I did get time between or after official duties to use my own camera and take photographs, albeit not as freely as the humor usually takes me.

I really appreciate the opportunity to show some of my photographs, God knows I took hundreds, and to share some of my insights from a precious, and most difficult time for the Afghan people and their country so in need of fundamental support in the short and long-term.

I am very conscious that I spent only two weeks in Afghanistan and Pakistan, so my insights and impressions are merely those — the impressions of a wide-eyed, big-hearted Irish woman. I have showed parts of my collection of photographs to many Irish people since returning, to friends in development and gender equality work, in urban and very rural areas. I have spoken of my experiences and insights in conversations with children, with older people at wakes and funerals, to friends over dinner, to photographers, actors, painters. I have been very reassured by their hunger to hear recent stories, insights and personal experiences. The humanity of man and woman and the sense and appreciation of our interdependence never ceases to amaze and delight me.

I hope that the availability of some of the photographs and some insights on the NOW web site will give others a chance to (re)think, to contemplate the situation of men, women and children in Afghanistan, a small country in this little world of ours. Afghanistan, the size of France or Texas, is the crossroads between the east and west of our little world.

Transcript Find out more about Concern and its work from an interview with Dominic MacSorley.

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