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Reuniting with Birth Family in Vietnam
Read Heidi Bub's story -- in her own words.

Pulaski, Tennessee
The Web site of Heidi's hometown in the U.S. provides more information on Pulaski's history and community.

Vietnam Online
Visit another American Experience Web site for more information on the war in Vietnam.

An Annotated Pictorial History of Clark Air Base
The Operation Babylift section of this online history of Clark Air Base in the Philippines includes a map of the base and photographs from the Babylift. Planes from Vietnam landed at Clark en route to the United States.

Return With Honor
Explore another history of personal suffering and the Vietnam War from American Experience. Return With Honor documents the experiences of American fighter pilot POWs held captive for years in North Vietnam.

War Letters
See a timeline of U.S. military actions and read excerpts from American soldiers' letters sent home from the battlefront, including Vietnam, on another American Experience Web site.

Precious Cargo
A PBS documentary, Precious Cargo, followed a group of Babylift adoptees home to Vietnam. Find out about their experience and locate resources on adoption on this site.

Vietnam War Documents and Photographs from the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library
Explore White House documents from the time of Operation Babylift.

ComeUnity: Operation Babylift
A large Web site for adoption includes articles and photographs on the Babylift from a variety of perspectives.

Consult the Adoption Resources page for more links on adoption.

Web Sites | Books

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