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People & Events

Find out more about the people and events featured in the film.

       •   Josephine Dickman
       •   George Eastman
       •   Maria Eastman
       •   Thomas Edison
       •   Henry Reichenbach
       •   Henry Strong
       •   William Stuber
       •   William Walker

       •   The First Fixed Photographic Images
       •   The Daguerreotype is Invented
       •   Photography Becomes a Profession
       •   Eastman Patents a Dry-Plate Process
       •   Eastman and Mass Production
       •   Eastman Markets the Kodak Line
       •   The Kodak Camera Starts a Craze
       •   Eastman Kodak Introduces Full Color Photography
       •   Eastman Becomes a Mystery Donor to MIT
       •   Eastman Retires and Goes on a Safari

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