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Make a Color PhotoMake a Color Photo
In 1915 Eastman Kodak introduced its original Kodachrome, a two-color process designed for portraiture. Using the process as a model, this activity lets you create a color image from two black and white photographs.

Eastman House TourQTVR Tour of George Eastman's House
Enter the foyer of Eastman's 50-room mansion and explore some of its magnificent rooms.

Wetplate PhotographyWet-Plate Photography
Before the advent of dry plates and roll film, photographers took pictures using wet plates. This step-by-step explanation shows you how they did it.

Kodak MusicKodak Music
Three "Kodak" tunes from the turn of the century.

EssayGeorge Eastman: The Final Shot
An essay that explores George Eastman's final years.

Eastman the EntrepreneurEastman the Entrepreneur
An essay by Reese Jenkins, a participant in the film.

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