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Eyes on the Prize
Film Credits

Ain't Scared of Your Jails (1960-1961)

Creator and Executive Producer
Henry Hampton

Produced and Directed by
Orlando Bagwell

Associate Producer
Prudence Arndt

Edited by
Jeanne Jordan

Written by
Steve Fayer

Narrated by
Julian Bond

Assistant Editor
MJ Doherty

Film Research
Sue Williams
David Thaxton
Kevin P. Green

Stock Footage Coordinator
Kenn Rabin

Production Manager
Jo Ann Mathieu

Senior Researcher
Laurie Kahn-Leavitt

Series Content Advisor
Judy Richardson

Post Production Supervisor
Cynthia Meagher Kuhn

Jon Else
Tom Kaufman
Bobby Shepard
Steve Ferrier

Assistant Camera
Michael Chin
Hans-Peter Schloemer
Mike West
Hugh Walsh

Sound Recordists
Sekou Shepard
Mary Ellis
Clive B. Davidson
Jonathan Schwartz
Rick Angelella
Charles Blackwell

Sound Editor
Maryjo Wheatley

Sound Mixer
Richard Bock

Research Assistants
Meredith Woods
Elizabeth Carver
Eliza Gagnon

Eyes on the Prize Book:
Juan Williams, Author
Robert Lavelle, Editor
Bennett Singer, Publishing Associate
Francine Norris, Publishing Associate

Telecourse Director
Toby Kleban Levine

Telecourse Coordinator
Raynard T. Davis

School Materials
Steve Cohen
Robert Hayden

AP/Wide World Photos
BBC Motion Gallery
The Birmingham News
The Birmingham Post-Herald/Tommy Langston
William Brinkhous
James Farmer/Marvin Rich
Fox Movietonews, Inc.
The Greensboro News & Record/Jack Moebes
Sherman Grinberg Film Libraries
Gunter's Studio
Excerpts from the copyrighted speeches and writings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with permission of the Heirs of Dr. King.
© The Heirs of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Mississippi Dept. of Archives and History
National Archives
NBC News Archives
Southern Patriot
The Tennessean
UCLA Film & Television Archive
UPI/Bettmann Newsphotos
WVTM-TV, Birmingham

Special Thanks to:
Henry Johnson
Anne Braden
Dan Den Bleyker
Mattie Robinson Crossley
Howard K. Dammond
James Farmer
Hank Holmes
Leo Lillard
Diane Nash
Palmer & Dodge
Marvin Rich
Romas V. Slezas
Eric H. Smith
Staff of The Tennessean
John Seigenthaler
John Seigenthaler, Jr.
United Church of Christ

Original Funding for EYES ON THE PRIZE was provided by:

Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Public Television Stations
Ford Foundation
General Electric
Lotus Development Corporation
Charles H. Revson Foundation
Lilly Endowment Inc.
The Boston Foundation
Cummins Engine Company, Inc.
Raytheon Company
The San Francisco Foundation
Columbia Foundation
Hillsdale Fund, Inc.
Charles Evans Hughes Memorial Foundation, Inc.
Leo Model Foundation
The New York Community Trust
The Philadelphia Foundation
The Mary Norris Preyer Fund
The Villers Foundation
Alabama Humanities Foundation
The Boston Globe Foundation
Maurice Falk Medical Fund
Godfrey M. Hymans Trust
Abelard Foundation
Metropolitan Foundation of Atlanta
The Kraft Foundation
The Sapelo Island Research Center
Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund
The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation
Joint Foundation Support, Inc.
Bird Companies Charitable Foundation
Friedman Family Foundation
Polaroid Foundation
The Freed Foundation
The Irving I. Goldstein Foundation
Ruth Batson Educational Foundation
Bay Packaging and Converting Company
Sun Company
Tides Foundation
Freedom House

And others, a complete list is available from PBS

Educational Materials Funding
The Edward W. Hazen Foundation
The Rockefeller Foundation
Alabama Humanities Foundation
Maurice Falk Medical Fund
Georgia Humanities Council
Mississippi Humanities Council

Series Academic Advisors
Wiley Branton
Clayborne Carson
John Dittmer
Tony Freyer
David Garrow
Paul Gaston
Vincent Harding
Darlene Clark Hine
Steve Lawson
Genna Rae McNeil
Aldon Morris
J. Mills Thornton
Howard Zinn

National Advisory Board
Reginald Alleyne, Esq.
Ruth M. Batson, Co-Chair
Mary Francis Berry
The Hon. Julian Bond
Joseph Breiteneicher, Co-Chair
Geoffrey Cowan, Esq.
Edwin Dorn
Peter B. Edelman, Esq.
Paul & Marion Fishman
Faith Griefen
Adelaide C. Gulliver
Charles V. Hamilton
Robert Hohler
Stephen Horn
Eliot & Margaret Hubbard
Ellen Jackson
Willard R. Johnson
The Rev. Lawrence N. Jones
Vernon E. Jordan, Jr.
H. Peter Karoff
Melvin King
Thomas C. Layton
The Hon. John Lewis
The Rev. Jack Mendelsohn
The Hon. Parren J. Mitchell
Woodrow A. Myers, Jr., MD.
Eleanor Holmes Norton
Alvin & Anne Poussaint
Robert & Kathryn Preyer
Ann E. Raynolds
Carl & Judy Sapers
Otto & Muriel Snowden
Wallace Terry
Sue Bailey Thurman
Rutledge A. Waker
Laya Wiesner
Loretta J. Williams

Music Consultants
Bernice Johnson Reagon
Guy Carawan
Candie Carawan

Music Rights Coordinator
Cynthia Meagher Kuhn

Theme Music Produced, Arranged and Performed by
Bernice Johnson Reagon

Series Title Animation
Colossal Pictures

Opening Photograph
James H. Karales

Animation Camera
Edward T Joyce

Map Animation
Jed Schwartz

Color by

Negative Cutting
J.G. Films, Inc.

Videart Opticals

Karen Bates Logan
Daphne B. Noyes
Ellen Frey
Marcy DeVeaux

Production Secretary
Sara Chazen

Production Assistant
Peter Montgomery

Eyes on the Prize Re-Release Project

President, Blackside
Judi Hampton

Project Director and Legal Counsel
Sandra Forman

Archivist and Rights Coordinator
Cynthia Meagher Kuhn

Music Supervisor
Rena C. Kosersky

Supervising Producer
Alison Bassett

Project Accountant
Paula Lerner

James A. DeVinney
W. Michael Greene
Lina Heil
Robert Lavelle
Thomas R. Levy
Walter Rissmeyer

Administrative Assistants
Anita Bell
Karen Pirello
Anne Rampino

Fiscal Sponsor
Filmmakers Collaborative

Special Thanks
Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
Richard Gilder
Lewis E. Lehrman
Steve Messere
Tobias Zimmerman
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP
Washington University Libraries
Film & Media Archive, Henry Hampton Collection

For The Civil Rights Project, Inc.:
Inez Robinson
J. Benjamin Harris
Lorraine M. Flynn

Consulting Executive Producer
Michael Ambrosino

Series Writer
Steve Fayer

Series Producer
Jon Else

Series Senior Producer
Judith Vecchione

Executive Producer for American Experience
Mark Samels

© 1986 Blackside, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

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