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July 1941

Camp de Gurs 7/13/41
Ilot [Block] I, Bar. 12

In a few days it will be 9 months since we arrived here.

My Dear Children,

This time there was a long, and involuntary pause in our correspondence which unfortunately wasn't our fault. But, thank God, we received mail again as of today which caused great joy all around. From Father, I received 3 letters simultaneously and inasmuch as today, Sunday, and tomorrow are big holidays here, we'll have to be patient until Tuesday in order to possibly count on mail from you once again, dear Children. We are infinitely sorry that you might have had the greatest concerns about us because of the silence, but I can assure you that we are all in good health which Father also confirmed about himself again today.

We were enlightened today about the new decrees and it is redundant for me to go into lengthy detail; I presume that Father has informed you of all that's noteworthy. Regrettably, everything has now become invalid and we are back to aleph [square one]. You'll have to start anew in regard to our emigration. It is even more regrettable for those people who had everything "shipshape," but one single hope remains for us and that would be if we could get a special visa (via Washington) that would let us get out of here more quickly. If only we don't have to go through yet another disappointment along those lines!

Above all, I must apologize that I committed the major mistake of failing to send timely congratulations on your birthday, dear Guenther, and I make up for it today in the hope that you will not be cross with me; but perhaps you're not surprised that my memory has suffered considerably. So do take my belated most heartfelt good wishes. God willing, we'll be permitted soon to exchange our mutual sentiments and wishes in person and I do believe that would make all of us completely happy. Even though it may have been disappointing for you not to have received the looked-forward-to birthday letter up to now, it is nevertheless our hope, dear Gerdi and Guenther, that you were able to spend nothing but pleasant hours on that day, about which we trust you'll report soon!

Everything about you, even to the tiniest detail, will be of interest to hear and this would never have happened to me if Father had been here. At the moment, the worst thing is that we are compelled to be separated for such a long time already and that I still am forced to sit here. That also means that much of what I was able initially to be enthusiastic about is no longer of any consequence to me. If, as Father reports, a new camp is being constructed for wives of the men at [Camp] des Milles, near Marseilles, then the situation ought to improve somewhat. Most of all, that would give us renewed hope for a reunion with you...


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