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Early 1942
Communication between the Klein parents and their children becomes more difficult. Many of the letters sent from France are never received.

May 11, 1942

My Dear Children,

I can only hope that you did come into possession of the many letters we sent you since January and which should have furnished clarification about our state of health and everything else that's noteworthy. In your recent letters, Kurt, you indicated that you were without news from us for a long time and we are infinitely sorry about that. It would serve to calm us down considerably if you could report real soon that the opposite is the case...

I wish you could see once how it is when mail from America comes to our rooms early in the morning; most of all, the delighted surprise which an announcement of immigration approval causes. Unfortunately, such authorizations have reached this hotel only very sporadically so far. What is conspicuous about those notices -- of which one came this morning -- is the fact that so far only single ladies seem to have hit the jackpot! But, God willing, your next report will perhaps contain something more encouraging along those lines...

In recent times there was a ban on exit passes at Camp des Milles, so that Father was only able to be here last week after a 5-week hiatus. Of the two days, we spent half a day at the sea; that meant taking a 45-minute streetcar ride to a beach where we sat for several hours and soaked up the sunshine. I hardly know what was more to be admired, the wonderful panorama along the coast, the marvelous play of the waves which, thanks to the sunlight, took on constantly changing hues; or, looking toward the other side, the wildly romantic view of magnificent villas and cafes, in addition to the peace and quiet. Without doubt it was the most beautiful day we've lived through in Marseilles...

I am as always your ever-loving


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