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Winter and Spring 1939

Alice Klein
Walldorf, February 25, 1940

My Dear Children,

Today I'm going to write a combined letter to all of you for a change, hoping that I can count on your understanding and that you, dear Gerdi and Guenther, will forward it to Max, Suse and Kurt. This time I really don't have enough material so I could write each one of you a separate sheet. Unfortunately, we're still not in any position today to answer any of your mail and nothing has happened meanwhile which would be of great interest to you. The main thing is always that, thank God, we can report our well-being, which we do with these lines also, something we know you will prefer to hear above all.

The cold spell appears to have given way to the spring-like sunshine we've been experiencing for the past few days and the severity of the weather lasted exactly 2 months; it was a winter that was quite something to cope with. But this, too, we'll hopefully have overcome by now and so we trust that dear Auntie's disease will therefore progress satisfactorily. Along those lines, we want to hope for the best, rather than to take the doctor's prognosis which has it that with the start of the warmer season, [her] suffering will intensify!!!

[Kurt's mother's reference apparently slipped by the censor, because what she meant by "Auntie" of course was the code word for the Nazis' behavior toward Jews. Thus, the "disease" was anti-Semitism and the prognosis of the "doctor" really referred to rumors of a worsening situation for the Jews, once spring came.]

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