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Winter 1940

Walldorf, February 26, 1940

Dear Children,

I hope you came into possession of our most recent letters, whereas we still are lacking any kind of news from you. In case you didn't receive our last communication, I would like to ask you again to see to it that we get the new papers as soon as possible. The consulate has already notified us to furnish them.

Other than that, I hope that all of you are well which is the case here. In anticipation of hearing from you real soon, I remain with heartfelt regards, also to all the relatives, your


Walldorf, June 2, 1940

My Dear Children,

We hope you came into possession of our most recent letter which, although addressed to Max, was meant for all of you and we want to confirm once more that we finally received the affidavits [of support], which pleases us immensely. This is especially so, inasmuch as we can get an idea from your papers what all you have striven for and achieved, for which we owe you all due respect. Father was able to read nearly everything, except for an occasional word that he looked up and it is simply astonishing how good those documents are when it comes to vouching for us. This was already reflected in the certification the Consulate sent us. Of course, we are extremely glad about that and want to express our most heartfelt thanks to you once more, in particular also to Lucille Walker and her husband. If only it had been God's will that they would have spelled success for us earlier, but we want to be satisfied with this state of affairs also, as long as we can remain in good health and generally all right. We would like it very much if it still comes to the point where you can accept our personal thanks for this!...


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