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The Time of the Lincolns

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Americans at War

Abraham Lincoln struggled to make decisions that would guide the South back into the Union. The war divided Mary Lincoln from her Lexington, Kentucky family, several of whom fought in the Confederate effort. For the Lincolns, as for most of the nation, the conflict was a central -- and terrible -- event.

The Foot Soldier
Follow a Confederate and a Union soldier into battle.

The Foot Soldier
The Camera Goes to War

The Camera Goes to War
Browse a gallery of historic photographs, and learn about the people behind the lens.

The Battle of Fredericksburg
Travel back to December 13, 1862, with historian Joseph Glatthaar, and trace the tactics of Confederate general Robert E. Lee and Union general Ambrose Burnside.

Strategies and Tactics, Battle of Fbrg.
African Americans

African Americans
The Emancipation Proclamation invited slaves to enlist in the Union cause. Read about the fighting efforts of African Americans across the South.

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