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More About Evolution

EvolutionEvolution, an eight-hour television series, premiered on PBS in fall 2001. Part Seven, "What About God?," explored the struggle between scientific and religious views of human origins, offering the view that they are compatible.

Visit the series' companion Web site for an in-depth evaluation of Charles Darwin's revolutionary theory.

A good place to start is the Frequently Asked Questions section, which addresses questions like:

• Did we evolve from monkeys?
• Is there evidence for evolution?
• Does evolution prove there is no God?
• How does evolution affect me in my daily life?

The site also presents a roundtable on science and faith, featuring scientists, scholars, and a priest. Another resource, the Evolution Library, allows searches through a collection of interviews, video, articles, Web activities, links, and other resources.

Highlights of the Evolution Library include a 3-1/2 minute newsreel on the Scopes trial, which incorrectly claims that "the heretic Scopes" deliberately taught evolution to his students (read the real story, about the ACLU challenge and the drugstore plot!), and another video clip detailing the courtroom controversies that have raged for decades on teaching evolution in public schools.

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