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The production team would like to especially acknowledge Louis Sass's book, Madness and Modernism (New York: BasicBooks, 1992). Consult the further reading page for a list of books and Web sites related to A Brilliant Madness.

A number of people appeared on-camera or acted as consultants and are listed below. See the complete film credits for more information.

On-camera interview subjects:

Felix Browder, mathematician
Erhan Cinlar, mathematician
Mel Hausner, mathematician
Harold Kuhn, mathematician
Martha Nash Legg, John Nash's sister
Zipporah Levinson, wife of John Nash's colleague
Sylvia Nasar, Author, A Beautiful Mind
Alicia Nash, John Nash's wife
John Nash, mathematician
Donald Newman, mathematician
Herta Newman, wife of John Nash's colleague
Donald Reynolds, John Nash's childhood friend
Paul Samuelson, economist
Louis Sass, clinical psychologist
John Stier, John Nash's son
Peter Weiden, psychiatrist

Creative consultant:

Sylvia Nasar


Laurie Flynn
Alvin E. Roth

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