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Interview with John Nash: Insulin Coma Therapy

John NashI remember some of the surrounding events. There would be a group of people that would be getting it and they would be in a certain place and they would have showers afterwards, and then they would go out on the grounds and pass the time and drink sugar water. After getting [it] -- you're drinking some sugar water for the instant to neutralize itself with the sugar. So I remember some of those things. I don't remember in the sense of a direct experience.

There is an effect on memory anyhow. This is the sort of thing that -- like if you go under anesthesia you remember only the process up to the anesthesia. It's not exactly anesthesia, but I don't remember it in the sense of experiencing it directly.

I got to thinking of the cruelty to animals and the issue of cruelty to animals. I became a vegetarian at the time that I was in the Trenton Hospital. I sort of thought that one could protest against this sort of treatment. And, of course, subsequently that has become less popular and there's a lot of reaction or people who protest against different types of treatments.

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