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Interview with John Nash: Medication

John NashOn a short-term basis I would be taking the drugs and I would reach a level of acceptance. But not just because of the drugs. And I would then come out of the hospital and I would have a job and I would do some work. And at that time they didn't have the same drugs that they have now.

The drugs I think can be overrated. All of the drugs now continue to have some bad side effects.

There would be times in between when I would stop taking drugs and I would not immediately go under any regimen. So I don't know. I am lucky to have come out of mental illness at all, but certainly in the later years I had no drugs.

I didn't have the worst side effects, some of the long-term side effects. Nowadays they have drugs that are considered better. But one of the angles is it's considered more or less acceptable if a drug can be used for schizophrenia. But the people get very sleepy and they gain a lot of weight. But this is considered acceptable. But it's not so good if you gain a lot of weight over a long time period. Then there are many health effects. So you can say that this person's life is really going to be shortened because of all the cardiac, cardiovascular consequences of being overweight.

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