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The North American Railroad Terminal's links list
The North American Tourist Railroad and Railroad Museum hosts an extensive list of links to other Web resources on railroads.

The Burlington Route Historical Society
Located in La Grange, Illinois and devoted to preserving the legacy of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad.

The Burlington Route
All about the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, this site is dedicated to most aspects of the railroad's history -- not only the types of trains, but also the histories of the towns the Burlington went through. Also provided are a number of links to other Burlington sites.

The Flying Yankee
This site is devoted to the history and renovation of the New England streamliner, the Flying Yankee.

The Transcontinental Railroad as the Internet of 1869
A 1999 New York Times review of Empire Express: Building the First Transcontinental Railroad by David Haward Bain, this article offers a wealth of information about 19th-century railroad history. There is also a link to an excerpt from the book.

The Pioneer Zephyr
The Museum and Science and Industry gives visitors a chance to learn about the Burlington's first streamliner inside and out.

Stainless Steel Appeal: All Things Bright and Beautiful
Maintained by the British organization Stainless Steel Appeal, this site provides a host of features on the substance that is often taken for granted in daily life. A highlight of the site is a timeline of the history of stainless steel, from 1913 to the present.

Union Pacific: The Official Union Pacific Railroad Web Site
Thorough and informative, this site details the history of the Union Pacific, from its beginnings to the current day. Of particular interest is "Facts, Figures & History," which contains an extensive collection of photographs taken throughout the UP's history. For fun, visit "It's Just Railroad Talk," and learn the lexicon of the men and women who work the rails.

Web sites | Books

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