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'The American Experience is one of the high spots of the PBS schedule, bringing long-forgotten episodes of the nation's history into the light, refreshing our memories of familiar stories, reacquainting us with revered heroes.' - The Philadelphia Inquirer

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On the Air
As television's longest-running, most-watched history series, American Experience brings to life the incredible characters and epic stories that helped form this nation. Now in its twentieth season, the series has produced over 200 programs and garnered every major broadcast award.

On the Web
American Experience Online premiered in November of 1995 and has since won accolades from viewers and critics alike. To date, American Experience Online has produced over 130 feature sites. These sites encourage in-depth exploration of the issues surrounding each documentary subject beyond the television screen. American Experience Online has been recognized by a number of online and print publications including Yahoo, USA Today Online, Broadcasting and Cable, The Washington Times, and TV Guide.


Mark Samels

Executive Producer

Sharon Grimberg

Senior Producer

Susan Bellows

Series Manager

Steve Bowden

Senior Designer, American Experience Online

Laura Bowman

Marketing and Communications

Julie Creswell

Associate Researcher

Maria Daniels

Director of New Media

Kelsey Dorwart

Production Secretary

Vanessa Ezersky

Production Coordinator

Susana Fernandes

Compliance Manager

Jay Fialkov


Stephen Fitzmeyer

Developer, American Experience Online

Janice Flood


Anna Fort

Photo/Archive Research

Glenn Fukushima


Pamela Gaudiano

Unit Manager

Spencer Gentry

On-line Editor

Jen Holmes

Marketing and Communications

Ravi Jain

Project Coordinator, New Media

John Jenkins

Sound Mix

Maureen Jordan


Scott Kardel


Alison Kennedy

Series Designer

Sarah Montague

Brand Director

Susan Mottau

Coordinating Producer

Lauren Prestileo

Special Projects

Patrick Ramirez

Marketing and Communications

Greg Shea

Post Production Supervisor

Nancy Sherman

Production Manager

Paul Taylor

Senior Editor

Former Executive Producers

Margaret Drain

Former Executive Producer

Judy Crichton

Former Executive Producer

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