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Death By Fire

Texas Arson Review Yields A Handful of Questionable Cases

How many Texans are in prison for arson fires that, in fact, were accidents?

Football High

New Lawsuits in High School Football Deaths

Last summer, Isaiah Laurencin and Don’terio J. Searcy, two high school football players, died after practicing in high temperatures. Now, … Continue reading

College, Inc.

Senate Committee Comes Down Hard on For-Profit Colleges

Following a two-year investigation, the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Labor, Education and Pensions [HELP] yesterday released a dense and damning report on the for-profit college industry.

Alaska Gold

Tailings Dams: Where Mining Waste is Stored Forever

Imagine a big hole in the ground, similar to the one pictured above. Now imagine that pit filled with up to 10 billion tons of mining waste.

Fast Times at West Philly High

Obama’s Shout-Out to the West Philly EVX Team

“This is the kind of thing that just isn’t going to get a lot of attention initially,” said the president, referring to the success of the West Philly High EVX team.

Fast Times at West Philly High

The Automotive X Prize: A Primer

More on the history of the competition, the organization that sponsored it and other prizes that push the boundaries of innovation.

Fast Times at West Philly High

Catching Up With West Philly’s EVX Team

An education reform advocate. A budding rapper. A history buff. What three of the students are doing today.

Fast Times at West Philly High

Tonight’s FRONTLINE Will Make You “Tearful and Smitten”

We can’t think of a lede that’s better than the one written today by the Philadelphia Daily News‘ Ronnie Polaneczky: … Continue reading

Money and March Madness

A New Window Into the NCAA President’s Earnings

Mark Emmert refused to address his compensation with FRONTLINE last year, but a new report sheds some light.

ENDGAME: AIDS in Black America

Timeline: 30 Years of AIDS in Black America

Today, African Americans represent half of all new HIV/AIDS cases in the United States. How did we get here?

Dollars and Dentists

Dental Professionals Speak Out About America’s Care Crisis

From the cost of dental school to care alternatives, a selection of responses to our film “Dollars and Dentists” from those who work in the field.

Dollars and Dentists

Tragic Results When Dental Care Is Out Of Reach

No one should die because of a toothache. This is the story of two people who did.

Murdoch's Scandal

News Corp. to Split in Two?

Our interactive graphic from “Murdoch’s Scandal” shows why

Criminal Justice

Supreme Court Bans Mandatory Life Terms for Kids: What it Means

The majority opinion, written by Justice Elena Kagan, said that the policy violates the Eighth Amendment, which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.


Why Is Julian Assange Seeking Asylum in Ecuador?

The country isn’t necessarily a haven for freedom of the press.

Lost in Detention

New U.S. Immigration Policy Could Prevent Thousands of Deportations

Under a new policy announced today by the Department of Homeland Security, up to 800,000 illegal immigrants will be allowed … Continue reading

Football High

Amidst Concern About Head Injuries, Pop Warner Issues New Practice Rules

Football has never been more popular. But is it worth the risks? Watch FRONTLINE’s Football High for more on head … Continue reading

Murdoch's Scandal

At News Corp. Inquiry, A Window Into Murdoch’s Political Power

News Corp. mogul Rupert Murdoch has routinely denied having a quid pro quo relationship with British politicians. But today, former … Continue reading

Death By Fire

New Fire Science Helps Overturn Michigan Man’s Murder Conviction

Almost three decades ago, David Lee Gavitt was convicted of starting the fire that killed his wife and two children. … Continue reading

Foreign Affairs / Defense

Revisiting Tiananmen Square: “It Might Be A Parade Or Something”

This from a student in China when presented with the iconic image of the “tank man.” A look back at how this photograph came to be, 23 years after the massacre at Tiananmen Square.

Dropout Nation

Who Isn’t Graduating From High School?

As the season of mortarboard flinging, inspirational speeches and $5 billion in congratulatory gifts is once again upon us, it’s worth … Continue reading

Post Mortem

California County Ends Review of Autopsy Mistakes

The Solano County sheriff’s office has decided not to review about 300 autopsies performed by Dr. Thomas Gill, a forensic … Continue reading

Money, Power and Wall Street

Watch Now: Six Billion Dollar Bet

Jon Corzine, former head of Goldman Sachs and political power broker, took over MF Global in the spring of 2010 with oversize ambition and a passion for risk. But after a massive bet on European debt turned sour, the firm lay in ruins, with more than a billion dollars of customer funds missing.

Football High

Do Combat Vets Suffer the Same Devastating Brain Disease Afflicting Football Players?

The brain damage to soldiers who have experienced a blast injury during combat may be similar to damage sustained by some … Continue reading

Murdoch's Scandal

Brooks, Coulson Next Up in the Phone-Hacking Scandal Hot Seat

The two former News of the World editors are expected to be grilled about their relationships with Scotland Yard and the British government, particularly Prime Minister David Cameron

Iraq / War on Terror

Why the Arraignment of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Matters

Tomorrow, the self-confessed 9/11 mastermind is set to face terrorism and murder charges at a military court at Guantanamo. We asked an expert to give us some insights into what the proceedings might yield.

Murdoch's Scandal

Report: Murdoch “Not a Fit Person” to Run News Corp.

A scathing – but politically split – report by a British Parliamentary committee found that the media mogul exercised “willful blindness” during the phone-hacking scandal at News of the World.

Murdoch's Scandal

The Big Takeaways From This Week’s Murdoch Testimony

This week has been abuzz with news about James and Rupert Murdoch’s testimony at an inquiry into the phone-hacking scandal. So what was revealed? And what’s next for News Corp.? To keep you (very smartly) updated, here’s analysis from key reporters who have been following Rupert Murdoch and the media for years.

Educating Sergeant Pantzke

New Rules Aim to Crack Down on For-Profit Recruitment of Vets

They’re are aimed at the “aggressive and deceptive targeting of service members, veterans, and their families.” Here’s a rundown of what the president’s new executive order will accomplish.

Murdoch's Scandal

Your Week in Murdoch (It’s Only Just Beginning)

As both Rupert and James Murdoch prepare to face questioning about phone hacking by “News of the World” reporters and private investigators, a refresher of how the scandal began – and how much damage has been done to News Corp. thus far.

The Wounded Platoon

VA to Hire Almost 2,000 Additional Mental Health Staffers

While most praised this week’s announcement, some voiced concerns about how and when the Department of Veterans Affairs will increase its already depleted workforce.


Four Films for Earth Day

Sunday is Earth Day. And while we recommend you spend at least part of it outdoors, we also think you … Continue reading

The Real CSI

Forensic Credentialing Org Responds to “The Real CSI”

FRONTLINE’s recent film The Real CSI included an examination of forensic credentialing and, in particular, the American College of Forensic … Continue reading

The Real CSI

Casey Anthony Trial Lawyers Speak Out About the Case’s Controversial Forensics

Thirty-seven forensic experts were called during last summer’s sensational murder trial. Prosecutor Jeff Ashton and defense attorney Jose Baez discuss the forensic evidence presented, and offer their opinions as to whether justice was served in the case.

The Real CSI

Can Unconscious Bias Undermine Fingerprint Analysis?

In 2004, cognitive neoroscientist Itiel Dror set out to examine whether the process of fingerprint analysis, long considered one of the most reliable forms of forensic science, can be biased by the knowledge examiners have when they attempt to find a match for prints from a crime scene. …

Murdoch's Scandal

James Murdoch Steps Down as Chair of BSkyB

It’s the latest in a year of setbacks for News Corp.

Criminal Justice

Cleared by DNA, Texas Man Still Fighting to Clear His Name

The last time FRONTLINE viewers saw Kerry Max Cook was 2004. He was living in Texas with his wife and … Continue reading

Murdoch's Scandal

Murdoch’s Scandal: The Essential Reads

From Milly Dowler to the Leveson inquiry, a quick and dirty guide to what you need to know as the saga continues to unfold.

Murdoch's Scandal

What It’s Like to Get “Monstered” By a Murdoch Tabloid

In 2003, British Member of Parliament Chris Bryant began investigating whether News International tabloids paid off police. Six months later, he found his private life splashed in the headlines.

Criminal Justice

Should Juvenile Killers Be Sentenced to Life Without Parole?

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments in two cases today that challenge the constitutionality of sending 14-year-olds away for life after committing murder.

The Confessions

New Appeal in False Confession Case Focuses on Sex Offender Status

As a sex offender, Eric Wilson is required to register with the state police every 90 days. There are certain … Continue reading

College, Inc.

Lawsuits Address Recruitment Practices at For-Profit Colleges

This week’s for-profit education news features two lawsuits filed against two different companies. One suit was settled; another, from a … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

New Immigration Detention Center Aims for a Less Prison-Like Feel

As part of their promise to overhaul the nation’s vast network of immigration detention centers, Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] … Continue reading

Social Issues

Doctor Who Pushed For Oregon Assisted Suicide Law Ends His Own Life

“I don’t want to go out with a whimper. I want to say good-bye to my kids and my wife … Continue reading

Murdoch's Scandal

New Arrests in Murdoch Phone Hacking Investigation

Rebekah Brooks, the former CEO of News International and former editor of two British tabloids, The Sun and The News of the World, was reportedly arrested today, along with her husband and five other people, on suspicion of corrupting justice.

Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown

Voices From the Inside: Fukushima’s Workers Speak

As part of our recent film Inside Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown, FRONTLINE interviewed several workers who were at the Fukushima Daiichi … Continue reading

Nuclear Aftershocks

The Battle Over Indian Point, One Year After the Fukushima Meltdown

This week, Kazuhiko Amano, a relief worker from Fukushima, spoke at a panel discussion at Manhattanville College in New York. … Continue reading

The Atomic Artists

In Post-Fukushima Japan, Music Reflects “Hope Scraping Against Fear”

Last year, we brought you a story about how artists — in particular, the activist group Chim↑Pom — are challenging Japan’s … Continue reading

Nuclear Aftershocks

First Post-Fukushima Safety Rules Approved by NRC

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission moved to adopt new safety regulations, eight months after the NRC’s Fukushima task force issued its recommendations, and almost a year after the meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan.

Murdoch's Scandal

The Cover-Up, Not the Crime, Brings Down James Murdoch

FRONTLINE’s Lowell Bergman appeared on The Takeaway this morning to reflect on the news that James Murdoch, son of media titan Rupert, stepped down from his role as CEO of News International, the British press arm of News Corporation.

Flying Cheap

FAA Proposes New Pilot Training Rules

On Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration [FAA] announced its new proposed pilot training rules, about a year and a half … Continue reading

Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown

How Do You Clean Up After a Nuclear Disaster?

The events last March in Japan couldn’t have presented Japan with a more difficult task. After record-setting earthquake, a massive … Continue reading

Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown

“The Workers We Spoke to Thought They Were Going to Die”

Dan Edge, the writer, producer and director of tonight’s film Inside Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown, spoke at length with NPR Fresh … Continue reading

Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown

“The Fate of Japan Hangs in the Balance”

It was day five of Japan’s nuclear crisis last March, and the sun had yet to rise. The previous few days involved chaotic efforts to power the plant, cool the reactors and vent radioactive gas in order to prevent a nuclear explosion. …

Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown

One Pilot’s Dangerous Mission to Stop Fukushima’s Nuclear Meltdown

You may have seen it on TV or online — a grainy video shot 20 miles away. The helicopter, no bigger than a dot against the sky, releasing what resembled an exhale of breath on a cold day. In fact, it was 2,000 gallons of water falling 300 feet against the wind.

Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown

Then and Now: Photos of Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami Devastation

Last March, the world watched as the villages around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant were decimated by an earthquake and tsunami of epic proportions. So what do they look like now, almost a year later?

Social Issues

Cook County Jail’s Impending Mental Health Crisis

Last week, we brought you a story about an Ohio sheriff who is refusing to house violent, mentally ill arrestees … Continue reading

Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown

“In the Information Age, They Have No Information”

In the hours and days after the March 11, 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi power … Continue reading

The Child Cases

One Hospital’s New Plan to Catch Questionable Cases of Child Abuse

FRONTLINE recently caught up with Dr. Michael Laposata, a pathologist and blood-clotting expert out of the Vanderbilt University, who co-published landmark study in 2005 on diseases that can mimic abuse. …

Social Issues

Ohio Jail To Stop Accepting Violent, Mentally Ill Detainees

Sheriff Drew Alexander, of Ohio’s Summit County, put his foot down this week: He announced a new policy, under which … Continue reading

The Vaccine War

Doctors to Parents: Get Your Child Vaccinated, Or Get Out

There’s a new twist to the ongoing vaccine debate, which pits some parents against doctors and public health officials over the safety of inoculations: an increase in doctors “firing” patients whose refuse vaccinations.

Lost in Detention

Is Immigration Program Hampering Investigation into School Abuse Scandal?

At least two families of students at Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles — where in recent weeks two teachers … Continue reading

Nuclear Aftershocks

NRC Licenses First New Nuclear Reactors in Decades

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved two new reactors yesterday, paving the way for new nuclear technology amidst concerns over an … Continue reading

Money and March Madness

Court Denies Subpoena for Lucrative NCAA Contracts

Things just got a little more complicated in a class-action lawsuit aimed at NCAA profits. The plaintiffs, including basketball stars … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

Is California the Next Secure Communities Battleground?

We’ve reported on the attempts by three states – New York, Illinois and Massachusetts — to challenge the Obama administration’s … Continue reading

Educating Sergeant Pantzke

New Bill Aims to Close G.I. Bill Loophole at For-Profits

Sen. Dick Durbin [D-Ill.] recently proposed a bill that would dramatically change the way federal money can be allocated to … Continue reading

Social Issues

Dig Deeper: Assisted Suicide in America

Yesterday, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that a 1994 state law criminalizing the promotion of assisted suicide is unconstitutional under … Continue reading

Post Mortem

Hospital Autopsies On the Decline

If you or a loved one dies in a hospital, there is only a 5 percent chance an autopsy will … Continue reading


The Busy Life of Julian Assange

For someone who’s been under house arrest at a secret location in England, Julian Assange has been maintaining a pretty high profile.

Lost in Detention

GAO to Investigate Sexual Abuse at Immigration Detention Centers

The move comes after members of Congress petitioned the office to act, citing FRONTLINE’s “Lost in Detention.”

Nuclear Aftershocks

NRC Report: Nuclear Power Plants More Vulnerable to Earthquakes Than Previously Thought

The report lays out a plan for “seismic stress tests” over the next four years for plants in the central and eastern parts of the country.

Flying Cheaper

What American Airlines’ Bankruptcy Means For the People Who Fix Your Planes

Yesterday, American Airlines’ parent company, AMR Corp., outlined its plan to cut about 13,000 jobs — or 16 percent of … Continue reading

Death By Fire

How New Fire Science is Influencing Old Cases

Advances in fire science have called into question some past convictions. Here’s an update on a few cases, from Texas to California. Are there innocent people behind bars?

Health / Science / Technology

“Half-Lives”: Chernobyl’s Nuclear Legacy

The word “Chernobyl” strikes a very particular, fearful chord. The Ukrainian power plant was the site of the world’s worst … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

Obama Administration Recommends Halting More than 1,600 Pending Deportations

Back in August, the Obama administration announced it would begin reviewing 300,000 backlogged immigration cases in order to better identify … Continue reading

Nuclear Aftershocks

Map: U.S. Nuclear Power Plants

While nuclear power is generally considered a safe, environmentally friendly form of electricity generation — there hasn’t been a major … Continue reading

Nuclear Aftershocks

Did Fukushima Quash the Global “Nuclear Renaissance”?

Where five key countries stand on the controversial issue of nuclear power.

Nuclear Aftershocks

Did This Man Predict the Tsunami at Fukushima?

Stay tuned for tonight’s film Nuclear Aftershocks. Check your local listings here or watch it online, starting tonight. You’ve probably … Continue reading

Nuclear Aftershocks

How Much Electricity Does My State Generate From Nuclear?

Our state-by-state map might surprise you (especially if you live in Vermont or Connecticut).

Lost in Detention

Members of Congress Urge Investigation into Sexual Abuse in Immigrant Detention Centers

Citing our October film Lost in Detention, 30 members of Congress are pressing the Government Accountability Office to look into … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

Controversial “Secure Communities” Immigration Program Will Be Mandatory by 2013

By 2013, states will have little choice but to comply with the Obama administration’s controversial Secure Communities immigration program, which collects … Continue reading


New Evidence of Assange-Manning Link

In an interview last April with FRONTLINE correspondent Martin Smith, Julian Assange flatly denied that he’d ever had any contact with Bradley Manning…


Why Was President Obama Called As a Witness for WikiLeaks Suspect?

It was an off-hand comment made by the president that was caught on tape.

Rules of Engagement

Newly Discovered Documents Recount Killing of Iraqi Citizens in Haditha

It’s a pretty amazing find: 400 pages of Marine interrogations about a 2005 incident in Haditha in which 24 Iraqis … Continue reading


Why WikiLeaks Hasn’t Led to a “Golden Age” for Whistleblowers

A year ago, following the leak of a quarter of a million classified State Department cables, pundits proclaimed that journalism … Continue reading

College, Inc.

How the For-Profit College Industry Took on the Obama Administration (and Won)

Where could you find alleged threats against a high-ranking senator, millions of dollars changing hands and a massive, coordinated show … Continue reading


Government Opposes Vast Majority of Manning Witnesses

According to Bradley Manning’s attorney, the government filed a request opposing all but 10 of the 48 witnesses the defense … Continue reading

The Confessions

A Rare Look at the Police Tactics That Can Lead to False Confessions

On Dec. 1, 2008, Worcester, Mass. police had 16-year-old Nga Truong locked in an interrogation room. Her 13-month-old son, Khyle, … Continue reading


Hints of Bradley Manning’s Trial Strategy Emerge

Bradley Manning, accused of leaking thousands of classified U.S. government documents to the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, has been locked up … Continue reading

Money and March Madness

Head Injury Suit Takes Aim at NCAA Revenues

Derek Owens loves football. He used to play for the University of Central Arkansas, until a series of concussions forced … Continue reading

The Wounded Platoon

Report: Military’s Brain Injury Test Ineffective

The test the Army uses to detect traumatic brain injury [TBI] in its soldiers “has failed to deliver on its … Continue reading

Flying Cheap

Nearly Three Years After Flight 3407 Crash, Why Haven’t New Safety Rules Been Implemented?

Beverly Eckert’s husband died at the World Trade Center on 9/11. On the night of Feb. 12, 2009, she headed to their hometown of Buffalo, N.Y., to present a scholarship in his name. She was on Continental Connection Flight 3407.

The Vaccine War

Why Aren’t Parents Vaccinating Their Children?

According to a new AP report released today, more than 1 in 20 kindergarteners in public schools across eight states … Continue reading

A Perfect Terrorist

Building and Rebuilding the Chabad House

It’s the tucked-away target that David Coleman Headley cased for the Pakistani terrorist group Lashkar-i-Taiba. Here’s more on the history of Mumbai’s Chabad House, a chronicle of what happened there during the 2008 terrorist attacks and how the family members of those killed are moving forward.

Criminal Justice

Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?

If you’re like me, you read the Warren Commission Report when you were 14, convinced that you and you alone … Continue reading

Family / Children

The Medicated Foster Child

A new study published in the journal Pediatrics this month reveals a particularly concerning trend for children in foster care: … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

DHS to Begin Review of Deportation Cases

Today, the Department of Homeland Security [DHS] is poised to begin streamlining its much-criticized deportation process, accelerating the court docket … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

Report: Deportation Efforts Still Broad, Uneven

In June, Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] chief John Morton sought to clarify the agency’s increasingly controversial deportation programs. ICE … Continue reading

The Wounded Platoon

Four Films for Veterans Day

As you take the day to honor our veterans, here are some of FRONTLINE’s best documentaries on the recent experiences … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

Obama Official Under Fire After “Lost in Detention” Interview

The Obama administration’s immigration policies have outraged many Latino activists.  And according to The Washington Post, one person in particular … Continue reading

The Madoff Affair

Trustee Seeking More Money from Madoff Family

A little more than a week ago, Andrew Madoff professed to 60 Minutes that he was utterly unaware of his … Continue reading

Social Issues

Mississippi’s Road to “Personhood”

Tomorrow, Mississippi voters will head to the polls to decide on Initiative 26, also known as the “personhood” amendment. The … Continue reading

The Wounded Platoon

Report: Military Still “Losing the Battle” Against Soldier Suicide

A service member committed suicide every 36 hours between 2005 and 2010, says a new report by the Center for … Continue reading

Flying Cheap

Colgan Air Defends Training of Flight 3407 Pilot

In a letter to three Buffalo-area members of Congress, Pinnacle Airlines Corp., the company that owns the regional airline Colgan … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

Study: 5,100 Kids in Foster Care After Parents Deported

“Even if the [immigration] law is executed with perfection, there will be parents separated from their children,” White House Director … Continue reading


Which Pair of Socks Did Julian Assange Wear to Court Today?

When producer Martin Smith interviewed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange last April for our film WikiSecrets, he noted the whistleblower’s telling … Continue reading

The Madoff Affair

New Insights Into Madoff’s Fraud

What the family’s recent media blitz has revealed about history’s largest Ponzi scheme

Criminal Justice

The Problem With Pleas

The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to a fair trial. But how do you evaluate fairness … Continue reading

Money and March Madness

NCAA Approves New Rules — But Do They Matter?

As expected, the NCAA yesterday approved a new set of regulations for Division I sports: + Conferences will have the … Continue reading


Will The Real Will Shakespeare Please Stand Up?

One of life’s great joys is impressing other people with your knowledge of literary feuds. So as you head off … Continue reading

The Anthrax Files

How Prepared is the U.S. For a Bioterrorism Attack?

In mid-September 2001, a retired Air Force colonel successfully smuggled an anthrax-like substance into the White House. This warning could … Continue reading

A Perfect Terrorist

In Effort to Spot Terrorists, NYPD Shadows Muslims Who Change Names

This is the latest revelation from the AP’s months-long investigation into the New York Police Department’s surveillance of Muslims after … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

Why Did the Gov’t Make Secure Communities Mandatory?

In October 2010, during a press conference, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said that the controversial immigration program known … Continue reading

Flying Cheap

Did Colgan Mislead the NTSB About Flight 3407?

Earlier this week, we brought you the story of internal e-mails from Colgan Air questioning the piloting abilities of Capt. … Continue reading

Money and March Madness

NCAA to Consider Reforms, Increases in Scholarship Money

This week, the NCAA is holding its much-anticipated Division I Board of Directors meeting to mull over proposed changes to … Continue reading

Death By Fire

Did Texas Execute an Innocent Man? Answers Remain Elusive…

Did Texas execute an innocent man? FRONTLINE asked the question a year ago when we first aired Death by Fire, … Continue reading

Educating Sergeant Pantzke

Sgt. Pantzke: “I Just Want To Be Able To Start Over”

You may remember Sgt. Chris Pantzke, the retired Iraq war veteran who was featured in our recent film bearing his … Continue reading

Flying Cheap

Internal Emails Reveal Doubts About Flight 3407 Pilot

Last year, the National Transportation Safety Board determined that pilot error was to blame for the February 2009 crash of … Continue reading


The End of WikiLeaks?

This is the subtle (or perhaps not-so-subtle) warning, brought to you by an embattled, sweater-clad Julian Assange. In a video … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

Sec. Napolitano Questioned About “Lost in Detention”

“What is the Department of Homeland Security doing to ensure that immigration detainees are safe from sexual abuse, whether they’re … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

New Secure Communities Study Reveals Troubling Data

Just yesterday, the Obama administration announced it had deported a record number of illegal immigrants in fiscal year 2011. But … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

Republican Candidates Take on Immigration

While our film Lost in Detention was airing last night, exploring the Obama administration’s controversial immigration policies, another debate was … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

Map: The U.S. Immigration Detention Boom

A visual look at the fastest-growing incarceration system in the United States, from 1981 to the present.

Lost in Detention

What Are Immigration Detainees’ Legal Rights?

How long can immigrants be held? Who are their advocates? We asked Mark Fleming, the national litigation coordinator for the National Immigration Justice Center, for some basic information about legal rights in the immigration detention system.

Lost in Detention

Record Number of Illegal Immigrants Deported in 2011

Stay tuned for Lost in Detention, our upcoming film on the immigration debate. It airs tonight; check your local listings … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

Why Three Governors Challenged Secure Communities

Over the past year, three Democratic state governors — and Obama supporters — have attempted to pull out of the administration’s controversial Secure Communities program. Here’s why.

Football High

High School Football Player Dies from Head Injury

On Friday, a a 16-year-old high school lineman in New York state died after suffering from a traumatic brain injury … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

Obama Official Defends Controversial Immigration Policies

Last year, the Obama administration set new records for detaining and deporting immigrants who were inside the U.S. illegally. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano recently indicated that the 2011 numbers will be even higher, resulting in the removal of more than 400,000 people. …

Lost in Detention

Will Latino Voters Turn Their Back on Obama?

Tonight, President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign strategist David Axelrod will attend a $250-a-person campaign event in Phoenix, Ariz. Sen. John McCain won the state in 2008, but Latinos now make up nearly 30 percent of Arizona voters, and Democrats are optimistic that recent redistricting efforts may play out in the president’s favor.

The Wounded Platoon

Study: Success of TBI Therapy Difficult to Pinpoint

Cognitive rehabilitation therapy [CRT] has been seen as one of the key ways to help soldiers suffering from traumatic brain … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

Sec. Napolitano: Time for a “Reality Check” on Immigration

Stay tuned for Lost in Detention, our upcoming film on the immigration debate. It airs Oct. 18; check your local … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

Univision Features “Lost in Detention”

Univision’s Aquí y Ahora aired a lengthy segment this week on our upcoming documentary Lost in Detention, which premieres Oct. … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

In the News: The Immigration Debate

We’re preparing for Lost in Detention — our upcoming film on immigration airing Oct. 18 (check local listings) — and … Continue reading

An Optimist in Haiti

Lionel Pressoir: “Another Haiti is Possible!”

Lionel Pressoir, the man we’ve dubbed “An Optimist in Haiti,” explains why he thinks he can bring tourists to the small, poor town of Milot.

An Optimist in Haiti

FRONTLINE and Planet Money’s Reporting on Haiti

From rethinking aid delivery models to the battle for law and order, a round-up of our in-depth, post-earthquake reporting.

The Wounded Platoon

“Wounded Platoon” Soldier Denied Parole

You may remember Kenny Eastridge from our 2010 film The Wounded Platoon: He was a kid with a troubled past … Continue reading

The Wounded Platoon

Could Timely PTSD Treatment Have Prevented a Tragedy?

A little over a week ago, we brought you the story of Iraq war vet Joshua Stepp, whose lawyers tried … Continue reading

Educating Sergeant Pantzke

Report: For-Profit Colleges Receive Lion’s Share of GI Bill Money

Eight for-profit colleges and universities received $1 billion — or 24 percent of all G.I. Bill money in the last … Continue reading

The Confessions

Latest “Norfolk Four” Appeal Rejected

The latest attempt by three of the “Norfolk Four” to have their convictions overturned was denied by the Virginia Supreme … Continue reading

Lost in Detention

“Growing Up in the Shadows” of Illegal Immigration

About 5.5 million children in the U.S. have a parent who is here illegally; some of these kids are as … Continue reading

Doctor Hotspot

Can House Calls Save Health Care?

Some communities across the country are betting on it. One is Camden, N.J., as featured in our recent film Doctor … Continue reading

The Wounded Platoon

Is PTSD a Legal Defense?

Joshua Stepp admits that he murdered his 10-month-old stepdaughter. Stepp also served his country in Iraq, and returned from that … Continue reading

Flying Cheap

Flight 3407 Families Take on The Airline Lobby

It’s been two months since the FAA was scheduled to enact new pilot fatigue and training rules. On Tuesday, the … Continue reading

Breaking the Bank

Elizabeth Warren: The Essential Interviews

Elizabeth Warren, Harvard law professor and consumer advocate, announced today that she’s running for the Democratic ticket in next year’s … Continue reading

Money and March Madness

Taylor Branch: “The NCAA today is in many ways a classic cartel.”

Taylor Branch paints a complex and pretty dismal picture of the NCAA in his monster 15,000 word article in this … Continue reading

Money and March Madness

Report: Top NCAA Players Worth Over $100,000

This is according to a provocative new report from the National College Players Association [NCPA], an advocacy group for college … Continue reading

Criminal Justice

ATF’s Fast and Furious: A Gun Store Owner Speaks Out

A Phoenix-area gun dealer recently opened up about his role in Operation Fast and Furious, the now-infamous ATF gunrunning sting … Continue reading

The Wounded Platoon

“Web Therapy” for PTSD?

On Labor Day 2010, armed with a 9 mm handgun, Iraq war veteran Sgt. Robert Quinones took three soldiers hostage … Continue reading

Social Issues

New British Assisted Suicide Rules Lead to the Prosecution of No One

Has Britain subtly made assisted suicide (kind of) legal? Forty-four Brits have been suspected of assisting in the suicide of … Continue reading

Top Secret America

“It’s Just Too Big and It’s Just Too Secret”

This from FRONTLINE producer Michael Kirk, who appeared on “The Takeaway” this morning with Washington Post reporter Dana Priest to … Continue reading

The Confessions

Lawyers Push for New Appeal for Three of the “Norfolk Four”

Danial Williams, Joseph Dick (pictured right) and Eric Wilson (left) — three of four men who falsely confessed to a … Continue reading

Flying Cheap

Who’s Flying Your Plane?

Probably not your pilot — except for 80 seconds during a typical two-hour flight — according to Joan Lowy’s new … Continue reading

Money and March Madness

Emmert Defends NCAA Policy on Amateurism

It’s been a controversial few months for the NCAA and its president Mark Emmert, with debate over whether to compensate … Continue reading

Criminal Justice

Lobbying for an Accidental Death?

The manner of a person’s death is statistically less likely to be deemed suicide in California counties that rely on … Continue reading

Criminal Justice

Eyewitness Accounts Still Prove Problematic in the Criminal Justice System

Flawed eyewitness testimony is the number one contributing factor to wrongful convictions later overturned by DNA analysis, according to a … Continue reading

The Vaccine War

Report: No Link Between Vaccines and Autism

The National Academy of Sciences released a report yesterday concluding that “few health problems are caused by or clearly associated … Continue reading

The Quake

“A Disaster of Good Intentions”

After the devastating earthquake struck Haiti in January 2010, a chorus of experts told us that now was the time … Continue reading

College, Inc.

For-Profit College Enrollment Drops Sharply

Are the industry’s glory days over? It’s likely too early to tell, but The Wall Street Journal’s Melissa Korn has … Continue reading

The Pot Republic

Does Medical Marijuana Actually Work?

This is probably an important question, as a third of U.S. states are currently experimenting with some type of medical … Continue reading

Football High

Football Head Injuries: From High School to the Pros

The lockout’s over. Preseason has begun. But the NFL’s legal troubles are far from over. In late July, 75 former … Continue reading

The Madoff Affair

“The Madoff Affair” Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

It’s been quite a week for America’s most reviled modern Ponzi-schemer. Despite the fact that Bernie Madoff’s sitting in a … Continue reading

Money and March Madness

How Will the NCAA Punish Miami?

This week’s sports bombshell comes at the hands of Yahoo! Sports reporter Charles Robinson, who’s published a damning investigation into … Continue reading

Flying Cheap

FAA Misses Deadline for Implementing Pilot Fatigue and Training Rules

Just over a year ago, President Obama signed the Airline Safety and Federal Aviation Administration Extension Act of 2010 into … Continue reading

Criminal Justice

Promotions for Supervisors of Gunrunning Sting Gone Wrong

Three supervisors who oversaw the ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious debacle — a botched attempt to trace the flow of … Continue reading

The Meth Epidemic

Federal Cuts Lead to Drop in Meth Lab Busts

Meth lab seizure rates have fallen dramatically this year in several states that usually lead the nation in busts: Tennessee, … Continue reading

The Confessions

Study Offers Disturbing False Confession Insights

It’s remarkably easy to confess to something you didn’t do, and more people are inclined to do so than you … Continue reading


NCAA Starts To Move on Player Financial Support

NCAA President Mark Emmert convened a two-day retreat yesterday in Indianapolis that includes 50-plus university presidents and other officials. While … Continue reading

The Confessions

The Confessions: One of the “Norfolk Four” Cleared of Rape/Murder Charges

Derek Tice, who was convicted of the 1997 rape and murder of Michelle Moore-Bosko, is officially a free man after … Continue reading


What is the Secretive U.S. “Kill/Capture” Campaign?

12,000. That’s the number of Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters the U.S. military says it’s either killed or captured in … Continue reading

The Confessions

Overturned Conviction Upheld in False Confession Case

Derek Tice maintains that, although he admitted to the 1997 rape and murder of Michelle Moore-Bosko, he is innocent of … Continue reading

Flying Cheaper

Lawsuit: “Fume Events” Caused Toxic Air in Plane Cabins

On April 12, 2011, 16 US Airways pilots and flight attendants sued ST Aerospace Mobile, claiming that the company improperly … Continue reading

The Confessions

Key Detective in False Confession Case Sentenced

On Feb. 25, 2011, Robert Glenn Ford was sentenced to 12 years and six months in prison following his conviction … Continue reading

The Confessions

Did a Detective Admit to the Innocence of Four Men He Helped Convict?

A confidential witness has told an investigator that former detective Robert Glenn Ford, who elicited false confessions from four men … Continue reading




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