The Last Abortion Clinic
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press reaction

Philadelphia Daily News Ellen Gray

"... 'Frontline' once again goes where angels -- and just about everyone else -- fears to tread in 'The Last Abortion Clinic'...

"If you're absolutely, positively sure of where you stand on every aspect of the abortion issue, then 'The Last Abortion Clinic' is likely to raise your blood pressure, either because it's showcasing pro-life activists who are successfully circumventing Roe v. Wade or because it's casting abortion providers trying to meet the many requirements of these new laws in a sympathetic light.

"But if you'd just like to understand some of the issues a rearranged Supreme Court will be facing in the coming months and years, 'The Last Abortion Clinic' is a good place to start."

The New York Times Alessandra Stanley

"... Public television may seem demoted and demoralized, but it burrows deep into important topics commercial television addresses fleetingly, if at all. Tonight on PBS, a 'Frontline' report, 'The Last Abortion Clinic,' gives a lucid picture of how the anti-abortion movement in states like Mississippi has worked so many hurdles into local laws that abortions are almost unattainable for poor women. ...

"'The Last Abortion Clinic' ... separates fantasy from an issue that hovers beneath many television dramas and will soon be decided by the Supreme Court."

The Kansas City Star Aaron Barnhart

"... this update on the struggle over abortion is useful and fair-minded, though its tone becomes manipulative. ...

"'Frontline' makes an editorial call that some viewers aren't going to like: The single moms filmed in a Clarksdale, Miss., health clinic are black and impoverished. The evangelicals praying over abortion clinics are white and middle class.

"It's too easy, and inflammatory, to present the two sides so starkly in contrast. There aren't pro-life black churches in Mississippi?"

The Boston Globe Sam Allis

"... compelling...

"There's no fat in this show. It's well-reported and, rare for 'Frontline,' tightly pegged.

"[Producer Raney] Aronson wisely focuses on lawyers from both sides who chart legal strategy in lieu of the tiresome extremists who compete for decibel dominance. Balance is always elusive, but the program is fair. It reminds us that such work would appear nowhere else on the small screen but public television. ...

"'The Last Abortion Clinic' also provides legal context critical to our grasp of the current battle. ...

"This show reminds me that this issue never goes away. Whatever side of the abortion debate you're on, take an hour and watch it."

The Hartford Courant Roger Catlin

"... couldn't be more topical..."

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posted nov. 8, 2005

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