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A Perfect Terrorist

November 22, 2011

FRONTLINE and ProPublica investigate the mysterious circumstances behind David Headley’s rise from heroin dealer and U.S. government informant to plotter of the 2008 attack on Mumbai.


Interactive: David Coleman Headley’s Web of Betrayal

An interactive film that explores the tangled web of relationships that helped the American behind the 2008 Mumbai attacks move from small-time drug smuggler to international terrorist and spy.

Did NSA Surveillance Help Thwart Plotter of Mumbai Attack?

Officials have credited the program with helping to capture David Coleman Headley, but a closer examination shows the U.S. only caught up with him after a tip from British intelligence.

Terror Group Recruits From Pakistan’s “Best and Brightest”

A new study released today helps explain how Lashkar-i-Taiba, one of the world’s most dangerous militant organizations, is integrated into Pakistani society.

Four Disturbing Questions About the Mumbai Terror Attack

Sebastian Rotella examines new information and materials about the Mumbai terror attacks.

Judge Gives American 35 Years For Plotting Mumbai Attacks

Although David Coleman Headley avoided the death penalty, Judge Harry Leinenweber says the sentence “will keep him under lock and key for the rest of his natural life.”

Mumbai Massacre Accomplice Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison

A federal judge Thursday sentenced a Chicago immigration consultant to 14 years in prison for his role in supporting the Pakistani terrorist group that worked with Pakistan’s intelligence service to carry out the 2008 Mumbai attacks and plot a follow-up strike in Denmark.

Family of Mumbai Attack Victims Dealt Blow in Lawsuit

Earlier this week the State Department announced that two former Pakistani intelligence directors are immune from the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the families of Americans killed in the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

U.S. Pressures Pakistan on Mumbai Terror Group

The Obama administration’s decision to designate the leadership of Pakistan’s Lashkar-e-Taiba group as terrorists last week sends a pointed, if largely symbolic, message to a Pakistani government that remains unable or unwilling to crack down on the extremist organization.

Captured Militant Reaffirms Role of Pakistan in Mumbai Attacks

Zabiuddin Ansari’s statements to Indian police have reinforced evidence of Pakistani intelligence’s role in a terror plot that killed six Americans at the same time Pakistan was receiving billions of dollars in U.S. aid.

New Evidence of Pakistan’s Role in the Mumbai Attacks?

Details are emerging about the Mumbai suspect arrested by Indian authorities last week.

U.S. Offers Up to $10 Million Reward for Alleged Mumbai Mastermind

The day after the U.S. announced up to a $10 million reward “for information leading up to the arrest and conviction of Hafiz Mohammad Saeed,” the suspected mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks brazenly took to the media to defend himself.

Why Isn’t Pakistan Prosecuting Mumbai Suspects?

It’s been more than three years since the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks — a slaughter carried out by Pakistan-based terrorist group Lashkar-i-Taiba that left 166 dead, including six Americans — but there is still little to show that its masterminds in Pakistan are being held accountable.

Live Chat: Unraveling the Headley Mystery

Join a live chat with ProPublica’s Sebastian Rotella, FRONTLINE’s Tom Jennings and guest questioner Praveen Swami from The Hindu. The chat begins at 11 am on Wed 11/23. You can leave a question now.

Retracing the Steps of a Confessed Mumbai Terrorist

Mumbai police crime chief Deven Bharti recounts what he learned while investigating the movements of David Coleman Headley as he scouted targets in Mumbai.

“A Perfect Terrorist” Featured on “Fresh Air”

This Saturday marks the three-year anniversary of what’s often referred to as India’s 9/11 — the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, a slaughter carried out by Pakistan-based terrorist group Lashkar-i-Taiba that left 166 dead, including six Americans.

Could This Man’s Warnings Have Prevented the Mumbai Attacks?

It took the 2008 Mumbai attacks for much of the world to recognize Lashkar-i-Taiba’s threat, but renowned French investigative judge Jean-Louis Bruguière had for years warned of the Pakistan-based terrorist group’s evolving international ambitions.

In Effort to Spot Terrorists, NYPD Shadows Muslims Who Change Names

This is the latest revelation from the AP’s months-long investigation into the New York Police Department’s surveillance of Muslims after … Continue reading

Watch a Confessed Terrorist Scramble to Save Himself

After years of criminality and deception that included scouting targets for the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks — a slaughter that left 166 people dead — Pakistani-American David Coleman Headley was arrested by U.S. authorities in October 2009.

Trial Testimony Reveals Mindset of Confessed Mumbai Terrorist

During five days as the star witness in a federal terrorism trial in Chicago, David Coleman Headley revealed details of what he described as his links to both Pakistan’s intelligence service — the ISI — and the terrorist organization Lashkar-i-Taiba.

Confessed American Terrorist Details Plans for Chilling Plot

David Coleman Headley, an American who has confessed to helping plan the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, told a Chicago court that he plotted a similar attack against a Danish newspaper with the support of a Pakistani terror group and the country’s intelligence agency, the ISI.

David Coleman Headley: The Perfect Terrorist?

The man tapped to scout targets for the November 2008 Mumbai terror attacks — a slaughter that left 166 people dead, including six Americans — had the basics required by Lashkar-i-Taiba, the Islamic militant group he joined in 2002. But he also offered something his brothers in the cause couldn’t: a U.S. passport.


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