May 10, 2011

Beyond bin Laden, inside the military’s extraordinary, secret campaign to take out thousands of Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters


Report: White House Expands Role in Guiding Drone Targets

In a sign of increased sensitivity over U.S. drone strategy, White House counterterror chief John Brennan has taken command of … Continue reading

What Changes Will New U.S.-Afghan Night Raids Deal Bring?

After months of negotiations, the U.S. and Afghanistan reached an agreement on Sunday that will transfer more control of controversial night raid operations to Afghan forces, allowing the two governments to move ahead in negotiating a broader strategic-partnership agreement.

Dispute Over Detention Policy Delays Night Raids Agreement

The U.S. and Afghanistan are near reaching a deal that would give Kabul greater control over night raids — the controversial signature tactic of the U.S.-led kill/capture campaign in the country — and allow the two governments to move ahead in negotiating a broader strategic-partnership agreement.

After Massacre, U.S. Offers Afghanistan Concessions on Night Raids

In the wake of the March 11 bloody shooting rampage allegedly carried out by Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, the U.S. has found itself in a vulnerable position as it attempts to negotiate a strategic-partnership agreement with the Afghan government.

As Drone Use Surges, Pilots Report High Stress Levels

Nearly half of the military’s drone operators report high stress levels, according to a new Air Force survey, the first one to assess the psychological state of the people who operate one of the signature weapons of the campaign in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Friendly Fire Drone Strike

In the past several months, unmanned aerial aircraft drones have been successful in killing some of America’s top enemies, including … Continue reading

Mapping Kill/Capture Missions in Afghanistan

Frustrated by the lack of aggregate data released by ISAF about its kill/capture missions in Afghanistan, two Kandahar-based researchers decided to examine … Continue reading

Report: Current Pace of Night Raids in Afghanistan “Not Sustainable”

U.S.-led night raids in Afghanistan may be becoming more precise, but that doesn’t seem to be making them any less … Continue reading

Live Chat with Kill/Capture correspondent Stephen Grey and producer Shoaib Sharifi

Stephen Grey is a London-based writer and reporter covering security issues. His first report for FRONTLINE investigated the CIA’s secret … Continue reading

Interview: Dexter Filkins

Filkins has reported from Afghanistan and Pakistan for The New York Times and currently is a correspondent for The New … Continue reading

Interview: Mohammad Daudzai

Chief of staff to President Hamid Karzai, Daudzai expresses some of the Afghan government’s concerns about the kill/capture tactics — … Continue reading


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