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Life and Death in Assisted Living

July 30, 2013

FRONTLINE and ProPublica investigate assisted living in America.


The Deaths and Disappearance that Haunt Assisted Living

These three deaths, an alleged sexual assault, and a senior’s disappearance, are among the more than two dozen cases of questionable care uncovered by FRONTLINE and ProPublica at the nation’s largest assisted living provider.

Life and Death in Assisted Living: “Close the Back Door”

Potentially lethal bed sores were spreading across Joan Boice’s body, and Emerald Hills workers were trying to improvise help.

Emeritus Note to Staff: Send. Forward. Oops.

In a passionate call to arms mistakenly sent to ProPublica, an Emeritus spokesman calls on employees to take to the web to blunt any negative impact from FRONTLINE and ProPublica’s investigation into the assisted living industry.

Life & Death in Assisted Living: “A Sinking Ship”

Joan Boice had spent just 19 days in a California assisted living facility when she developed a pressure ulcer on her foot.

Is Assisted Living Safe for Your Parents? – Live Chat Transcript

Join us for a live chat about “Life and Death in Assisted Living” with the filmmakers, Eric Boice and Cheryl Morgan. Our guest questioner is Richard Eisenberg, a senior editor at Next Avenue.

Have a Tip To Share About Assisted Living?

Have you ever worked in the assisted living or sent a loved one to stay in an assisted living facility? If so, FRONTLINE and ProPublica want to hear from you.

Catherine Hawes: Assisted Living is a “Ticking Time Bomb”

Unless reforms are made, the assisted living industry is on course for a surge in preventable deaths, warns an expert on aging and long-term care at Texas A&M University.

Granger Cobb: At Emeritus, Care and Safety Outweigh Profits

“If we can’t adequately care for the resident, we shouldn’t have them,” says the president and CEO of the nation’s largest assisted living provider.

Mark Parkinson: Assisted Living Regulation is No “Panacea”

The free market, not regulation, will have the greatest influence on safety and quality of care in assisted living, says the president and CEO of the American Health Care Association.

Patricia McGinnis: Get the For-Profit Model Out of Senior Care

The for-profit model in assisted living offers little, if any hope, for better quality care, says the executive director of California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform.

How “Life and Death in Assisted Living” Was Reported

The investigation took FRONTLINE and ProPublica to seven states over 14 months, and included an examination of more than 100 lawsuits against Emeritus over the last decade.

For Assisted Living Industry, a Media Strategy to Thwart Federal Oversight

In a talking points memo, Emeritus, the country’s largest assisted living company, seeks to highlight the company’s compassion and deride any need for greater regulation out of Washington.

Life & Death in Assisted Living: “They’re Not Treating Mom Well”

When the ambulance crew arrived, about 8:20 p.m., Joan Boice was in the TV lounge, face-down on the carpet. But no one at the assisted living facility could say precisely how the accident had occurred.


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