the madoff affair

'a money machine'

Here are extended video excerpts from correspondent Martin Smith's interview with Michael Bienes. For years, starting in the late '60s, he and his accounting firm partner, Frank Avellino, recruited investors for Madoff. View highlights from his extended interview on this page; read the text of Bienes’ interview here.

Update: With Plea by Former CFO, Dread Among Ponzi Schemers' South Florida Friends (Aug. 13, 2009)

High School Sweethearts
Avellino, His Partner
The Young Bernie Madoff
"A Business in Millions, A Profit in Pennies"
"Easy Money"
"He (Madoff) Was My Life"
"We Were Never Pigs"
The SEC Comes Calling
The Shutdown
"Absolutely Not!!"
Madoff Shortchanges Them
Bienes Confronts Madoff
They Weren't His Only Feeders
Bienes' Charities and Honors
Too Good To Be True
Madoff's Arrest
No Apologies, No Remorse

posted may 12, 2009

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