dangerous prescription
More than a dozen dangerous drugs have been pulled off the market since 1997. Why were they approved in the first place? An investigation of America's drug safety system.

hazardous to your health?

A look inside the FDA, its recent record, and the debate over whether our nation's drug safety system is broken. Plus, FAQs and links for consumers.

defending the fda

Philip Hilts, author of a much-discussed new book on the FDA, talks about the agency's contentious political history -- and why defending it is "a peculiar business."

politics, profits & pharma

Big Pharma is one of Washington's most powerful interest groups. But are its lobbying efforts always good for business? A Web-exclusive analysis by Jonathan Cohn.

producer's notebook: spin doctors

Producer Andrew Liebman offers two stories, not included in the documentary, about how drug companies have been known to handle bad news.

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posted november 13, 2003

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