nuclear phobia quiz
true | false  1. All nuclear materials remain highly toxic for thousands of years.

true | false  2. Man-made radiation is more toxic to humans than naturally occurring radiation, even if the dose is the same.

true | false  3. The human body has the capability to repair damaged caused by radiation exposure.

true | false  4. In the US, most cases of cancer in humans are known to be caused by man-made radiation.

true | false  5. I would rather live within a 50 mile radius of a coal-burning plant than a nuclear power plant.

true | false  6. One of the chief dangers from nuclear power plants is that they can explode like a nuclear bomb.

true | false  7. It is safer to drive behind a tanker truck carrying gasoline than a truckload of spent nuclear fuel.

true | false  8.On average, people are exposed to more radiation from nuclear power plants than from radon gas in homes.

true | false  9.Since the construction of the first nuclear power plant, man-made radiation is known to have resulted in new species of plants and animals.

true | false  10. The fact that nuclear power plants have elaborate evacuation plans for the surrounding area indicates that they are inherently more dangerous than other types of plants.

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