Linda Braasch and Joyce Corrardi - Co-founders of "Concerned Mothers and Women," an activist group formed after the Three Mile Island accident.


Dr. Robert DuPont - A psychiatrist and expert on fears and phobias who has studied and analyzed social perceptions of nuclear energy.


Jim Howard - President, Chairman and CEO of Northern States Power Company. Minnesota's Prairie Island nuclear power plant was nearly shut down when activists and the DOE stalled on setting up a permanent waste repository.

Bob Loux and Judy Treichel. Loux is an oversight agent with the Nevada Nuclear Waste Project. Treichel is an activist with the Nuclear Waste Task Force. Both talk about the public's reaction to the Yucca Mountain project, the proposed site for a national nuclear waste repository.


Ralph Nader - A consumer advocate and founder of Public Citizen a consumer rights advocacy group in Washington.

Hazel O'Leary - Former Secretary of Energy during Clinton's first term and now a private businesswoman, consultant and attorney.


Mary Osborn and Eric Epstein - They formed "Three Mile Island Alert," an activist group that continues to monitor radiation levels in the area.

Steve Reed - The current mayor of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania who reflects on the impact of the 1979 Three Mile Island accident.

Glenn Seaborg - A Nobel Laureate and one of the founding fathers of the atomic age. He was co-discoverer of plutonium and later served as chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission.


Richard Stallings - Former U.S. Nuclear Waste Negotiator


Dr. Charles Till - Nuclear physicist and associate lab director at Argonne National Laboratory West in Idaho. He is co-developer of the Integral Fast Reactor, an inherently safe nuclear reactor with a closed fuel cycle.

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