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The Autopsy That Changed Football

When Dr. Bennet Omalu found CTE in the brain of Steelers legend Mike Webster, he believed NFL doctors would want to know more. They didn’t.

NFL Commissioner Highlights Safety Record In Letter To Fans

The letter, sent to roughly 10 million fans, comes one day after the release of two book excerpts detailing the NFL’s checkered response to football’s concussion crisis.

How One Client’s Concussion Shook the Real “Jerry Maguire”

As an NFL super agent, Leigh Steinberg saw it all, especially when it came to injuries. But of all the hard hits he ever witnessed, there was one that especially frightened him: Troy Aikman’s concussion.

Concussion Watch: NFL Head Injuries in Week 4

Week 4 of the NFL season saw at least five players removed from games because of possible head injuries, as well as an intriguing update on an injury from week 3.

Concussion Watch: NFL Head Injuries in Week 3

The third week of the NFL season saw at least seven players removed from games because of possible head injuries.

For the NFL, Focus on Concussions Yields Mixed Results

Despite a new emphasis on player safety, a FRONTLINE analysis found NFL concussions on the rise in 2012, as half of players returned from their injuries without missing a game.

Report: NFL Concussion Settlement Could Shut Out Many

The very first players to be diagnosed with football-related brain damage may not allow any compensation, according to a new report.

NFL Reaches $765 Million Settlement In Concussion Lawsuit

The NFL has reached a settlement with more than 4,500 former players who were suing the league for allegedly concealing a link between traumatic brain injuries and professional football.

A Note from FRONTLINE: ESPN and “League of Denial”

You may notice some changes to our League of Denial and Concussion Watch websites.

Questions Over NFL Doctor Cloud League’s Concussion Case

As the former chairman of the NFL’s powerful research arm, Dr. Elliot Pellman helped shape the league’s concussion guidelines, yet as a rheumatologist, he had no previous expertise in brain research.

What Are the Youth Football Laws in Your State?

Since 2009, every state except for Mississippi has enacted legislation designed to minimize the risk of football-related head injuries.

FRONTLINE Investigates the NFL’s Concussion Crisis

What did the NFL know about the connection between football and brain injuries, and when did they know it?

Coming Soon on FRONTLINE: “League of Denial”

This fall, FRONTLINE will air a special two-part investigation examining whether the NFL has covered up the risks of football on the brain.

Legal Battle Over NFL Brain Injuries Ordered Into Mediation

A federal judge is delaying her ruling on the NFL’s request to dismiss the case brought by more than 4,200 players so that both sides can explore whether a “consensual resolution is possible.”

NCAA Lawsuit Asks, Should Student-Athletes Be Paid?

Plaintiffs in the case, O’Bannon v. NCAA, argue that they are entitled to a portion of the revenue the NCAA earns by licensing the “likeness” of players in broadcast rights and video games.

NFL Helmet Manufacturer Warned On Concussion Risk

Despite the warning, Riddell promoted its Revolution helmet — used by players from youth leagues up to the NFL — as providing better protection against concussions.

In Brawl For Seau Brain, a Proxy War Over Concussion Science

The NFL’s intervention in the fate of Junior Seau’s brain — the most prized specimen yet in the race to document the relationship between football and brain damage — was part of an aggressive strategy to dictate who leads the science of concussions.

At Start of NFL Concussion Case, a Focus On Workplace Safety

Should former NFL players be able to sue the league for brain injuries they suffered on the field? That question was the focus of a preliminary hearing Tuesday into concussion litigation filed by more than 4,000 NFL veterans.

NFL Concussion Litigation Faces An Early Courtroom Test

A preliminary hearing this week will determine whether more than 4,000 former players can sue the NFL in court for allegedly concealing the link between football and brain damage.

Concussion Researchers Consulted With NFL Players’ Lawyers

The disclosures come as oral arguments begin Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia on the NFL’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit, which involves more than 4,000 former players who allege the league concealed the effects of football-related head trauma.

With Eye on Concussions, NFL Adopts New Rule on Helmet Hits

In an effort to reduce the number of head injuries that occur on the field, NFL owners have approved a new rule that will penalize players from striking opponents with the crown of their helmets.

NFL Concussions: The 2012-13 Season In Review

The past NFL season saw more than 160 players go down with a head injury. Along the way, there have been landmark breakthroughs in brain research, a high-profile wrongful death lawsuit, and even a commentary on violence in football by President Obama.

Obama’s Concerns Focus Super Bowl Talk On Player Safety

The president said that if he had a son, he’d think twice about letting him play football. His comments, which have spurred a range of reaction from players, come amid an NFL season in which 170 concussions have been reported on team injury reports.

Family of Junior Seau Files Wrongful Death Suit Against NFL

The family Junior Seau is suing the NFL, claiming the linebacker’s suicide last May was caused by head trauma he sustained over more than 20 seasons in the league.

New Study Finds Brain Damage in Living Ex-NFL Players

It’s the first time researchers have identified signs of the crippling brain disease known as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or CTE, in living patients.

Junior Seau Suffered Chronic Brain Damage, NIH Study Finds

The former NFL linebacker, whose suicide stunned the football world, suffered from the same chronic brain condition that has also been documented in the brains of 50 deceased players, NIH researchers have found.

Concussion Watch: Wild Card Weekend Roundup

Nearly 10 players per week were diagnosed with a concussion during the NFL regular season, but that figure is poised to hit zero when the first injury report to reflect postseason action is released later this week.

Concussion Watch: Week 17 Roundup

At least 10 players left games with possible head injuries on the last day of the NFL regular season Sunday, but because only playoff teams will continue releasing injury reports through next month’s Super Bowl, no more than three of those injuries can be officially tallied.


May. 13, 2008

Storm Over Everest

(120 minutes) Renowned climber/filmmaker David Breashears returns to Everest's worst tragedy to tell the story as it's never before been told... (Web site »)
Oct. 12, 1999

Mafia Power Play

(60 minutes) FRONTLINE investigates how the tentacles of Russian organized crime have penetrated the National Hockey League. The report exposes how major Russian crime figures are extorting Russian-born players and using their hockey connections to establish a beachhead in the U.S. and Canada. Over the course of a ten-month investigation, FRONTLINE conducted dozens of interviews with sources in the Russian underworld, professional hockey representatives and law enforcement agencies in Russia, the U.S., and Canada.<br><br>FRONTLINE's web site deepens this report with excerpts from congressional hearings and law enforcement reports, plus the extended interviews and profiles of central figures. (Web site »)
Apr. 6, 1993

The Trouble with Baseball

(60 minutes) As the 1993 baseball season begins, Frontline looks at the power struggle between the owners and players for economic control of Major League baseball and how that battle has led the national pastime to the brink of disaster.
Nov. 5, 1991

Don King, Unauthorized

(60 minutes) Frontline investigates the life and career of boxing promoter Don King, from his early street hustling days in Cleveland-where he once killed a man who owed him money-to his current position as the top boxing promoter in America. Correspondent Jack Newfield travels to training camps, title matches, and interviews fighters, managers, and trainers to tell the troubling story of a man who is bigger than the sport he promotes.
Aug. 12, 1986

Comrades VII: Steel Mill Soccer

(60 minutes) Frontline profiles the lives of players on a factory soccer team in the southern Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan as they fight for the town championship.
Feb. 19, 1985

Down for the Count

(60 minutes) Professional boxing is one of the most popular and profitable sports in America. It can also be fatal. Frontline goes inside the world of fighters, promoters, and fans who love the sport-and critics who say it should be banned.
May. 7, 1984

The Other Side of the Track

(60 minutes) Horseracing is American's number one spectator sport. In 1982, more that 77 million people wagered almost $12 billion at the nation's racetracks. Frontline gives an insider's look at the 'sport of kings,' focusing on tracks at Belmont, NY, where the rich indulge their interest in racing, and at Great Barrington in Massachussetts where infirm horses run for purses that can barely pay the feed bill.
Apr. 23, 1984

Chasing the Basketball Dream

(60 minutes) Many young men, especially many poor blacks in the nation's cities, dream of making it big by playing basketball. Charlie Cobb looks at some who make it-and many who will not-and at many of the issues in high school and college sports today. College recruiters seek the best of them, promising an educations in exchange for play. But 75% never get a college degree because, as this film suggests, colleges are too busy with their big-time sports programs to be concerned with educating their players.
Jan. 17, 1983

An Unauthorized History of the NFL

(60 minutes) In its premiere broadcast, Frontline investigates the underbelly of the NFL--the secret connections between professional football and the world of sports gambling and organized crime.



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