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What is the target audience for FRONTLINE's classroom activities?
FRONTLINE teacher’s guides are generally written for instruction at the high school level (grades 9-12). However, that certainly doesn’t preclude using the materials with older or younger students as a teacher sees fit.


How can I get a DVD of a program?
FRONTLINE programs are available for a period of at least three years after initial broadcast. After that, rights to distribute or broadcast the program may expire.

DVD copies for schools, libraries and other educational institutions are available for purchase online through ShopPBS for Teachers.

NOTE: FRONTLINE currently is streaming approximately over 70 full programs online. Visit the Watch Online section of our Web site for more details.


Can I tape a program to use in the classroom?
Yes. All FRONTLINE documentaries can be taped off-the-air and used for educational purposes for one year from the initial broadcast. If you have questions about taping rights, visit the About section on PBS Teachers Web site. Look under the FAQ section for PBS Teachers.


How can I find out when will you be re-airing a program?
FRONTLINE’s TV schedule is listed on the home page of our Web site. The schedule will keep you informed about when FRONTLINE will be on in your area. Just let us know which local PBS station you use to watch FRONTLINE. You can also sign up for the FRONTLINE Bulletin or The FRONTLINE Planner to get information about our upcoming programs delivered to you by e-mail.


How can I find out when you will publish new teacher’s guides?
Sign up for the FRONTLINE Planner, a monthly e-mail newsletter that delivers news about upcoming shows, teacher guides, and educational outreach projects. [Note that as a subscriber, you can be sure your privacy will be respected and your e-mail address will never be shared with a third party.]


How do I find the Web site for a given program?
There are three ways:

Keep in mind that we started making companion Web sites for our programs in the 1995-1996 television season. Earlier programs don’t have Web sites.


I want to use your site in my class. How long will the site be up?
All FRONTLINE reports will always be available on our Web site. There are no plans to take any of them down.


Can I make a copy of your site’s pages/material?
Reproduction of any lesson plans or other information contained within the FRONTLINE Teacher’s Center is granted for educational use to schools and libraries. You may also print and distribute a classroom set of any article on the FRONTLINE site. Please let us know so we can keep track of how our sites are used.


Where can I find a transcript for a program?
Transcripts for all FRONTLINE programs aired since the beginning of the 1995-1996 season, and select transcripts for older programs, are available on the companion Web sites for the programs (in the “DVD & Transcripts” section). Use the transcripts page to find a complete list of the transcripts we offer.


How can I contact FRONTLINE?
Send us an e-mail at Or write:
One Guest Street
Boston, MA 02135
Fax: 617-300-1001

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