How is FRONTLINE funded?
Funding for FRONTLINE is provided through the support of PBS viewers and by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Major funding for FRONTLINE is provided by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and by Reva and David Logan. Additional funding is provided by the Park Foundation and by the FRONTLINE Journalism Fund. Major funding for FRONTLINE's expanded 2010-2011 broadcast season is provided by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


How can I donate to FRONTLINE?
We encourage tax-deductible contributions to your local PBS station. Stations pay a fee to PBS to broadcast FRONTLINE, so the more your station hears that viewers value having FRONTLINE programs, the more incentive it will have to continue carrying the series. In addition, the FRONTLINE Journalism Fund was established recently by a group of philanthropists committed to magnifying the reach and impact of enterprise reporting. Those interested in supporting the Fund with a major gift should contact: Winifred Lenihan, Vice President of Development, 617-300-3894 or


How do I comment about a specific program?
All FRONTLINE reports have a "Join the Discussion/Comments" section on the web site. You can also e-mail FRONTLINE at: We read and respond to all e-mails.

You can also contact Michael Getler, who serves as an independent internal critic for PBS. He reviews commentary and criticism from viewers of PBS programs and seeks to ensure PBS upholds its own standards of editorial integrity.


How do I find out whether FRONTLINE has covered a particular subject in the past or more recently?
FRONTLINE has its own search engine and you can also Google "FRONTLINE+subject" for fast, accurate results. You can also search by TOPICS/CATEGORIES on our website.


How can I contact FRONTLINE?
One Guest Street
Boston, MA 02135
Fax: 617-300-1001
Web Site:


And find us online:


When will you be re-airing (program name)?
Go to our FRONTLINE schedule section, which will keep you informed about which FRONTLINE programs will be on in your area and when. Just let us know which PBS member station you use to watch FRONTLINE. And, sign up for FRONTLINE's Newsletter.


How can I get a videotape/DVD/digital copy of a program?
FRONTLINE programs generally are available for purchase for a period of three to ten years after initial broadcast. After that, rights to distribute and/or broadcast the program expire. Many large libraries have tapes or DVDs of our programs in their collection, so you should check with your local library. If they don't have the program, they may be able to obtain one for you via inter-library loan.

Home videos (DVDs of recent programs; tapes and DVDs of older ones) are available for purchase online through ShopPBS. [NOTE: Not all FRONTLINE programs are available on home video.]

Videotapes and DVDs for schools, libraries and other educational institutions are available for purchase online through PBS Video. You can also write them at:

PBS Video Customer Service
P.O. Box 279
Melbourne, FL 32902-0279

Starting with season 26 (2007-2008), FRONTLINE programs are also sold on iTunes.


How can I license FRONTLINE footage?
Contact WGBH Stock Sales, or


How do I find the web site for a certain program?
There are three ways:

[Note: FRONTLINE began producing companion web sites for programs in the 1995-1996 broadcast season, thus only a few special programs before those dates have web sites.]


Where can I get a transcript of a program?
Transcripts for all programs from 1995 to date are free and available exclusively on the program's companion web site. Go to the "Tapes & Transcripts" or "DVD/Transcript" section of each site. Use the Program Schedule to find all transcripts and web sites since 1995.


I want to use your web site in my presentation/class/etc. How long will the web site be up?
All FRONTLINE companion sites are available indefinitely as an archive for research and education.


Can I use this image/content/feature from your site on my web site?
See our Copyright for conditions of use.


Why am I having problems watching FRONTLINE video?
As long as you have an up-to-date web browser and Javascript, and are Flash enabled and have broadband connection, there shouldn't be a problem viewing the streamed video of almost all of our older programs.

However, for newer FRONTLINE reports (those from January 2008-on), we are aware of occasional viewing problems caused by a new video technology system we recently have started using. If you can't access FRONTLINE video, the best thing to do is reload the page. If you still have problems, please wait a few minutes and try again. We regret this very frustrating situation. Everyone involved is working hard to solve the problem as quickly as possible.


Why aren't more FRONTLINE programs available for viewing online?
We would like to stream all programs on our site, but this isn't possible. Internet rights cannot be obtained for some broadcasts, and for older programs costs are prohibitive for re-upping stock footage, music and talent rights.


Why does your site look strange?
If you're having problems with FRONTLINE's site, it may be that you're running an older version of your web browser. We test our site in every browser we can get our hands on, but occasionally problems will arise. We recommend that you use Firefox 3.5 or later, Safari 4 or later, Opera, or Internet Explorer 8 or later. Also, make sure that you enable JavaScript as our streaming video and some other features will not work without it. FRONTLINE and PBS do send some cookies (read our privacy policy for details), but the site will function even if your browser is set not to accept them.


How do I subscribe, or unsubscribe, for the FRONTLINE Newsletter?
Go to this page and fill out either the subscribe or unsubscribe form on the right-hand side. Reply to the confirmation e-mail (or click the link we send you), and then you're on (or off) our list.


I changed my e-mail address. How do I continue to get the FRONTLINE Newsletter?
Go to this page, unsubscribe using your old e-mail address and then subscribe using your new e-mail address.


I subscribed but have never gotten any mail from you.
We normally do not contact you when we don't have a program coming up, so if you subscribed during the summer or during a break in our season, you shouldn't be getting anything from us. If you didn't even get the confirmation e-mail or the "Thanks for subscribing" note from us, you should check that any anti-spam mechanisms you may have (like an e-mail folder marked "Spam") didn't block the e-mail. Look for any e-mail from


Why do you require a confirmation e-mail before I can subscribe?
It's a spam control measure; we need to ensure people realize what they're subscribing to. The confirmation also ensures that you entered the right e-mail address in the first place.


How can I submit a story idea?
Story ideas can be sent to:

Story Editor
One Guest Street
Boston, MA 02135

FRONTLINE welcomes suggestions from our viewers, and we review all letters and ideas. We are producing 27 programs this season and each year receive roughly 500 program suggestions and proposals.


How can I work for FRONTLINE?
Applications are welcome. FRONTLINE has a relatively small central staff headquartered at WGBH in Boston. If there are openings at FRONTLINE, they will be posted on the WGBH site. Almost all of our programs are made by independent producers based elsewhere in the U.S. and abroad.


Does FRONTLINE have internships?
Yes. FRONTLINE interns help out on research and production for programs, web sites and also assist editors and producers in FRONTLINE's post-production unit. See the WGBH site for more information and how to apply.

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