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Award-winning producer and documentary filmmaker Michael Kirk has produced more than 200 national television programs. A former Nieman Fellow in Journalism at Harvard University, Kirk was the senior producer of FRONTLINE from the series' inception in 1983 until the fall of 1987.

His most recent FRONTLINE productions are: Obama's Deal, The Warning (Emmy Award, 2009), Breaking the Bank, Inside the Meltdown, The Choice 2008 and the two-part special Bush's War (Emmy Award, 2008). Other films include: Cheney's Law (Peabody Award, 2007), Endgame (2007), The Lost Year in Iraq (Emmy Award, 2006), Rumsfeld's War (2004), The Torture Question (Emmy Award, 2005) and The Dark Side (2006), which provide an in-depth assessment of the war on terror and the state of the nation's military establishment; The Way the Music Died (2004), a behind-the-scenes report on the recording industry; From China with Love (2004), the story of a Chinese double agent who had a 20-year affair with her FBI handler; The War Behind Closed Doors (2003), an analysis of the political infighting that led to the war with Iraq; and The Man Who Knew (2002), the extraordinary saga of FBI Agent John O'Neill. Other past productions include: Target America (2001), Gunning for Saddam (2001), and American Porn (2002). Mr. Kirk's long relationship with FRONTLINE has also produced the Emmy Award-winning The Kevorkian File (1994), an in-depth examination of Jack Kevorkian's controversial record and cases; the Peabody Award-winning Waco -- The Inside Story (1995), a behind-the-scenes look at the FBI siege of the Branch Davidian compound; and the Emmy Award-winning The Navy Blues (1996), an investigation into the clash between the warrior culture and political correctness in the post-Tailhook Navy.

Kirk has won every major award in journalism, including the Peabody Award, duPont-Columbia Award, 10 Emmys and six Writers Guild of America Awards. He also owns a production company, the Kirk Documentary Group.

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