Oct. 1, 2013
Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown

An unprecedented account of the crisis inside the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex after the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

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53:41Egypt in CrisisSep. 17, 2013FRONTLINE examines the rise and rapid fall of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.
53:36Life and Death in Assisted LivingJul. 30, 2013FRONTLINE and ProPublica investigate assisted living in America.
1:23:46Two American FamiliesJul. 9, 2013Bill Moyers chronicles two ordinary families -- one black, one white -- for two decades.
53:38Rape in the FieldsJun. 25, 2013Lowell Bergman investigates the hidden reality of rape on the job in America.
53:39Outlawed in PakistanMay. 28, 2013The story of a girl in Pakistan whose life is at risk for daring to allege rape.
53:32Never Forget to LieMay. 14, 2013Filmmaker Marian Marzynski explores his own wartime childhood and the experiences of other child survivors of the Holocaust.
53:37The Retirement GambleApr. 23, 2013Will your IRA or 401K accounts ensure a safe retirement?
53:51Syria Behind the LinesApr. 9, 2013An unprecedented film documents the everyday life of both Syria’s rebels and its regime.
1:53:55Kind Hearted WomanApr. 1, 2013The intimate story of a single mother desperately trying to heal following years of abuse.
32:10Raising Adam LanzaFeb. 19, 2013In the wake of the mass killings at Sandy Hook, FRONTLINE looks for answers to the elusive question: who was Adam Lanza?
18:25Newtown DividedFeb. 19, 2013In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy, FRONTLINE examines how the nation's gun debate is playing out in Newtown.
53:42CliffhangerFeb. 12, 2013FRONTLINE investigates the inside history of how Washington has failed to solve the country’s problems of debt and deficit.
53:36The UntouchablesJan. 22, 2013FRONTLINE examines why no Wall St. execs have faced fraud charges for the financial crisis
53:39Inside Obama's PresidencyJan. 15, 2013FRONTLINE takes a probing look at the first four years of Barack Obama's presidency.
53:37The Education of Michelle RheeJan. 8, 2013FRONTLINE examines the legacy of one of America's most controversial school reformers.
53:39Poor KidsNov. 20, 2012FRONTLINE explores what poverty means to children and to the country’s future.
1:23:00The Suicide PlanNov. 13, 2012An unforgettable portrait takes viewers inside one of the most polarizing social issues of our time
53:44Big Sky, Big MoneyOct. 30, 2012How has the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision changed campaigns in America?
53:46Climate of DoubtOct. 23, 2012Coming Oct 23, FRONTLINE explores the massive shift in public opinion on climate change.
1:48:16The Choice 2012Oct. 9, 2012A journey into the places, people and decisive moments that made the men who are competing for the presidency.
1:53:17Dropout NationSep. 25, 2012An unforgettable portrait of four students in crisis and the adults waging a daily, personal struggle to get them to graduation.
50:01The Battle for SyriaSep. 18, 2012FRONTLINE travels to Syria where rebel groups are taking on the forces of President Assad.
53:42Alaska GoldJul. 24, 2012Inside a growing battle in Bristol Bay, Alaska, home to the last great wild sockeye salmon fishery–and enormous mineral deposits.
36:15Fast Times at West Philly HighJul. 17, 2012Students and teachers from West Philadelphia High School defy expectations as they design and build two super-hybrid cars.
13:34Middle School MomentJul. 17, 2012How one Bronx school is using a novel form of data collection and analysis to predict and prevent dropouts before they happen.
1:49:56ENDGAME: AIDS in Black AmericaJul. 10, 2012A groundbreaking two-hour exploration of one of the country's most urgent, preventable health crises.
53:40Dollars and DentistsJun. 26, 2012FRONTLINE and the Center for Public Integrity investigate the flaws in our dental system and nascent proposals to fix them.
30:00Al Qaeda In YemenMay. 29, 2012Award-winning reporter Ghaith Abdul-Ahad travels deep into Yemen's radical heartland
32:32Cell Tower DeathsMay. 22, 2012FRONTLINE and ProPublica investigate the causes of cell tower deaths.
21:06Six Billion Dollar BetMay. 22, 2012FRONTLINE investigates MF Global's massive bet on European debt that went sour.
3:47:25Money, Power and Wall StreetApr. 24, 2012In a special investigation, FRONTLINE goes inside the struggles to rescue and repair a shattered economy
53:39The Real CSIApr. 17, 2012How reliable is the science behind forensics? FRONTLINE finds serious flaws in some of the best-known tools of forensic science.
53:36Murdoch's ScandalMar. 27, 2012FRONTLINE tells the story of the struggle over the future of News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch's reputation and family's fortunes.
54:38Inside Japan's Nuclear MeltdownFeb. 28, 2012An unprecedented account of the crisis inside the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex after the devastating earthquake and tsunami.
1:54:36The InterruptersFeb. 14, 2012An intimate journey across the violent landscape of our cities through the eyes of those fighting to sow peace and security.
53:37Nuclear AftershocksJan. 17, 2012FRONTLINE examines the implications of the Fukushima accident for U.S. nuclear safety.
32:45Opium BridesJan. 3, 2012Najibullah Quraishi reports on the harrowing story of the collateral damage of the counter-narcotics effort in Afghanistan.
17:17The Secret WarJan. 3, 2012Inside the deepest front in America's war against Al Qaeda and the Taliban: Pakistan
53:35A Perfect TerroristNov. 22, 2011Investigating David Headley’s rise from heroin dealer and U.S. government informant to plotter of the 2008 Mumbai attacks.
31:03Syria UndercoverNov. 8, 2011A rare look at the uprising from inside Syria, plus a profile of the dictator who has held on longest amidst the Arab unrest
53:38Lost in DetentionOct. 18, 2011FRONTLINE and the Investigative Reporting Workshop investigate the Obama administration's get-tough immigration policy.
53:39The Anthrax FilesOct. 11, 2011FRONTLINE, ProPublica and McClatchy Newspapers investigate the country's most notorious act of bioterrorism
13:22An Optimist In HaitiSep. 27, 2011Adam Davidson returns to Haiti to meet a man with an unlikely plan to help turn around his country’s economy through tourism.
36:34The Man Behind the MosqueSep. 27, 2011 The inside story of the most controversial building in America.
28:24The InterrogatorSep. 13, 2011An extended conversation with Ali Soufan, the FBI agent who was at the center of the 9/11 investigations
1:47:27Top Secret AmericaSep. 6, 2011FRONTLINE investigates the journey from 9/11 to the Marathon bombings & the secret history of America's battle against terrorism.
12:03The Atomic ArtistsJul. 26, 2011How one group of artists is challenging Japan's unusually strong faith in nuclear power
24:27The Pot RepublicJul. 26, 2011Inside the country's oldest, largest and most wide-open marijuana market -- California
13:01Doctor Hotspot Jul. 26, 2011The story of a New Jersey doctor who seeks out his community's sickest -- and most expensive -- patients.
17:59Educating Sergeant Pantzke Jun. 28, 2011For-profit college promise veterans a high quality degree -- but do they deliver?
32:14The Child CasesJun. 28, 2011What happens when a child dies under suspicious circumstances?
53:35WikiSecretsMay. 24, 2011The inside story of Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and the biggest intelligence breach in U.S. history.
53:37Kill/CaptureMay. 10, 2011Beyond bin Laden, inside the military's extraordinary, secret campaign to take out thousands of Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters
53:47Fighting for Bin LadenMay. 3, 2011Inside the secret war against Al Qaeda and the Taliban, plus a rare look at the men who say they fight for bin Laden
28:14The SilenceApr. 19, 2011In Alaska's isolated native villages, Catholic clergy abused little children for decades.
53:47Football HighApr. 12, 2011High school football has never had a higher profile ... but is winning worth the risks?
10:07The Private Life of Bradley ManningMar. 29, 2011A profile of the early years of the soldier now accused of leaking more than half a million classified U.S. government documents
21:24Money and March MadnessMar. 29, 2011These days in big-time college sports, everyone's in the money. So why aren't the athletes?
17:58Who's Afraid of Ai Weiwei?Mar. 29, 2011China's first global art star is using his fame to push the boundaries of freedom in that country. But how far can he go?
49:48Revolution in CairoFeb. 22, 2011Inside the youth movement that ignited the uprising, and a hard look at the Muslim Brotherhood, a key player in Egypt's future.
49:48Post MortemFeb. 1, 2011Inside America's death investigation system. WARNING: Don't die in the wrong state.
19:43Are We Safer?Jan. 18, 2011Investigating the vast terrorist-industrial complex post 9/11 and its growing reach into the lives of ordinary Americans...
19:43Flying CheaperJan. 18, 2011Do you know who's fixing your plane? With carriers today outsourcing major repair work -- should we worry?
55:06Battle for HaitiJan. 11, 2011Can Haiti be rebuilt without the rule of law? A powerful look at the violence threatening the country's stability ... and future.
54:00Facing DeathNov. 23, 2010 A powerful look at the reality of today's medicalized death. How far would you go to sustain a loved one's life, or your own?
55:06The ConfessionsNov. 9, 2010An incredible saga that cracks open the system to reveal almost everything that goes wrong when innocent people get convicted.
54:08The SpillOct. 26, 2010A riveting investigation into BP's history of accidents, deaths and safety violations that foreshadowed the disaster in the Gulf.
54:06Death by FireOct. 19, 2010Cameron Todd Willingham - executed for the arson murder of his three daughters. Could this case change the death penalty debate?
5:31:39God in AmericaOct. 11, 2010How has religious belief shaped American history?
53:37Law & DisorderAug. 25, 2010An on-air and online investigation into questionable police shootings by the New Orleans Police Department in the wake of Katrina.
54:06The Wounded PlatoonMay. 18, 2010The men of Third Platoon, Charlie Company: What happened to them in Iraq ... and what happened when they came home.
55:34College, Inc.May. 4, 2010How Wall Street and a new breed of for-profit universities are transforming the way we think about college in America
1:25:42The Vaccine WarApr. 27, 2010Examining the raging debate--risks v. benefits and parents' right to make choices about their child v. the needs of a community
55:01The Dancing Boys of AfghanistanApr. 20, 2010A startling investigation into an ancient practice that's once again flourishing: the organized sex trade in young Afghan boys.
55:25Obama's DealApr. 13, 2010It wasn't pretty, but it worked. Inside the backroom deals and hardball politics that finally got Obama his health care bill.
53:37The QuakeMar. 30, 2010A powerful report on Haiti's tragedy, with never-before-seen footage. What can be done now -- and who will do it?
56:40The Suicide TouristMar. 2, 2010A story about struggling to live ... and deciding when to die. Is this a choice everyone should have?
56:44Behind Taliban LinesFeb. 23, 2010An Afghan journalist's extraordinary 10 days living and filming with an insurgent cell allied with Al Qaeda.
55:49Flying CheapFeb. 9, 2010Is the aviation system being stretched beyond its capacity to deliver service that is both cheap and safe?
1:26:05Digital NationFeb. 2, 2010Is our 24/7 wired world causing us to lose as much as we've gained?
56:27The Card GameNov. 24, 2009Investigating the massive consumer loan industry and what's ahead for banks and consumers...
40:55A Death in TehranNov. 17, 2009The life and death of the woman whose image remains a potent symbol for those who want to keep the Iranian reform movement alive.
1:26:05Close to HomeOct. 27, 2009Producer Ofra Bikel chronicles the recession's impact on one unlikely neighborhood--New York's Upper East Side...
55:11The WarningOct. 20, 2009Long before the economic meltdown, one woman tried to warn about the threat to the financial system...
55:30Obama's WarOct. 13, 2009Can U.S. forces succeed in a land long known as the "graveyard of empires"?
55:11Breaking the BankJun. 16, 2009Inside the story of one of the most controversial moments of the U.S. financial crisis - and its dramatic ramifications...
55:10The Madoff AffairMay. 12, 2009Inside the world's first global Ponzi scheme, and how he got away with it for so long...
56:42The ReleasedApr. 28, 2009A rare and intimate look at what happens to the mentally ill after they're released from prison. Why do they so often return?
54:52Poisoned WatersApr. 21, 2009Investigating the dangerous new wave of pollutants entering our waterways and drinking water - and who's responsible.
54:33Black MoneyApr. 7, 2009Lowell Bergman tracks a tale of international bribery that leads to some of the world's most powerful companies and governments.
55:09Sick Around AmericaMar. 31, 2009FRONTLINE travels the country examining America's broken health care system and exploring the need for a fundamental overhaul.
54:07Ten Trillion and CountingMar. 24, 2009Tracing the politics behind America's huge mountain of debt, the threat it presents, and how we get out of it...
56:23Inside the MeltdownFeb. 17, 2009Investigating the dramatic story of how, in just six months, America's financial system unraveled....
56:16My Father, My Brother, and MeFeb. 3, 2009Correspondent Dave Iverson's personal journey to understand Parkinson's, a disease which has taken such a toll on his family.
56:22Dreams of ObamaJan. 20, 2009A rich personal and political biography of America's 44th president and what has brought him to this historic moment...
56:30The Old Man and the StormJan. 6, 2009The compelling saga of one family's efforts to rebuild their homes, and their lives, in post-Katrina New Orleans
1:24:36The Hugo Chávez ShowNov. 25, 2008He believes he is destined to change Venezuela and the whole of Latin America. Who is Hugo Chávez, and where is he headed?
55:55The War BriefingOct. 28, 2008Can the war in Afghanistan be won? A hard, inside look at the real policy choices facing Barack Obama...
1:56:08HEATOct. 21, 2008A far-reaching investigation into America's energy landscape and what can be done to save our planet - and what it will take.
1:55:38The Choice 2008Oct. 14, 2008The story of two unlikely presidential contenders and what they say about America.
1:45:03Young & Restless In ChinaJun. 17, 2008A remarkably intimate look into the lives of nine young Chinese coming of age in a society changing as fast as any in history.
56:28Sick Around The WorldApr. 15, 2008In the debate over health care, what might the U.S. learn from the successes and failures of five other capitalist democracies?
56:28Bad Voodoo's WarApr. 1, 2008FRONTLINE captures the realities of war through a "virtual embed" with a National Guard platoon serving in Iraq.
2:23:42Bush's WarMar. 24, 2008The inside story of the war that will define a presidency - a war that no one expected, and no one planned for.
56:34Rules of EngagementFeb. 19, 2008What happened that November day in Haditha, Iraq gets to the heart of the war U.S. troops are fighting.
56:43A Dangerous Business RevisitedFeb. 5, 2008An updated report on the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation by FRONTLINE, The New York Times and the CBC.
56:38Growing Up OnlineJan. 22, 2008What does it mean to be part of the first generation coming of age in the Internet era?
56:34The Medicated ChildJan. 8, 2008Millions of U.S. children are taking psychiatric drugs, most never tested on kids. Good medicine - or an uncontrolled experiment?
56:07On Our WatchNov. 20, 2007The world community had promised over and over -"Never Again." But then came Darfur, and those promises proved empty.
55:35The UndertakingOct. 30, 2007A haunting portrait of the world of Lynch & Sons Funeral Directors, a family which has long cared for the dead - and the living.
56:24Showdown With IranOct. 23, 2007The tumultuous U.S.-Iran history since 9/11 and today's dangerous face-off, from the perspectives of key U.S and Iranian players.
56:17Cheney's LawOct. 16, 2007Inside the bruising closed door battles within the Bush administration over the power of the presidency and the rule of law.
56:33EndgameJun. 19, 2007From the day we got in, the plan was to get out as soon as possible. Four years later, we're still looking for an exit strategy.
56:24Spying on the Home FrontMay. 15, 2007In the war against terrorism, what's the trade-off Americans are confronting between security and privacy?
1:26:31When Kids Get LifeMay. 8, 2007When a child is convicted of murder, how unforgiving should society be?
1:52:10The MormonsApr. 30, 2007An exploration into the epic story of one of the most powerful, feared and misunderstood religions in American history.
55:19Hot PoliticsApr. 24, 2007How bi-partisan political and economic forces prevented three U.S. administrations from taking bold action on global warming.
Gangs of IraqApr. 17, 2007A hard, on-the-ground look at the reality the U.S. faces in trying to train Iraqi soldiers and police.
News WarFeb. 13, 2007Examining the role of the press in American society and the dramatic new challenges facing mainstream media in the 21st century.
1:26:14Hand of GodJan. 16, 2007A moving, and frankly told story of betrayal, and a family who survived it all with their humanity and humor intact.
56:27Living OldNov. 21, 2006A powerful and intimate look at the new realities of aging in America and the burgeoning 85+ population. Are we prepared?
56:26A Hidden LifeNov. 14, 2006Examining the outing of a mayor and the tangled story of politics, sexuality, fear, and judgment in one all-American city.
56:24Return of the TalibanOct. 3, 2006Investigating Pakistan's wild tribal areas, a breeding ground for jihadists and a potential new front in America's war on terror.
1:26:32The Dark SideJun. 20, 2006Investigating Vice President Cheney's role as chief architect in the war on terror and his internal war with George Tenet's CIA...
1:55:51The Age of AIDSMay. 30, 2006The extraordinary story of a virus's spread -- infecting over 70 million people -- and how the world has been unable to stop it.
56:24Can You Afford to Retire?May. 16, 2006With vanishing pensions and faltering 401(k) plans, are middle class Americans facing a rough ride in their retirement years?
1:26:01The Tank ManApr. 11, 200617 years later, what does he mean for a China that today has become a global economic powerhouse?
56:20The InsurgencyFeb. 21, 2006Face to face with insurgents in Iraq, FRONTLINE investigates who they are and why they fight.
53:35The Meth EpidemicFeb. 14, 2006Why, and how, have we reached the point where the United States has 1.5 million meth users - and rising?
Country BoysJan. 9, 2006For everyone who remembers what it was like to be young, the story of two Appalachian teenagers becoming men...
54:31The StormNov. 22, 2005Examining the failures at every level of government in the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Could it happen again?
1:53:50The Last Abortion ClinicNov. 8, 2005State by state, laws regulating access to abortion are changing the face of abortion politics in America.
1:56:41The Torture QuestionOct. 18, 2005How the post-9/11 "get-tough" policy of the U.S. government worked its way down to the cell blocks of Abu Ghraib.
The O.J. VerdictOct. 4, 2005Examining the startling truths and lasting impact of the O.J. Simpson trial -- and what it told us about America.
Private WarriorsJun. 21, 2005The dramatic story of private contractors who are playing an increasingly critical role in the war effort.
A Jew Among the GermansMay. 31, 2005A Holocaust survivor's moving and provocative search for a Germany that he, and his children, can live with.
1:56:42The New AsylumsMay. 10, 2005A report on the new reality for the mentally ill: Nearly 500,000 are serving time in U.S. jails and prisons.
Israel's Next War?Apr. 5, 2005Inside the world of militant Jewish radicals and their threat to the fragile peace process -- and to Israel itself.
1:26:17The Soldier's HeartMar. 1, 2005Coming home from war, each brings his own stories of survival and battle. For many, their battle is still not over.
A Company of SoldiersFeb. 22, 2005Beyond the daily headlines, the real and raw experience of American soldiers serving in Iraq.
53:35Secret History of the Credit CardNov. 23, 2004The surprising history and clever tactics of an industry few Americans fully understand.
56:23Is Wal-Mart Good for America?Nov. 16, 2004An eye-opening look at the power and influence of the world's largest company.
1:24:49The PersuadersNov. 9, 2004An inside look at the multibillion-dollar business and science of selling us on what we want.
1:24:33The PleaJun. 17, 2004Investigating the difficult dilemma of confronting a plea bargain -- and what can go wrong.
The Alternative FixNov. 6, 2003A $48 billion industry, alternative medicine has entered the mainstream. It's good business. But is it good medicine?
Truth, War, and ConsequencesOct. 9, 2003Did America rush into a war in Iraq for which it was unprepared?
56:30The War Behind Closed DoorsFeb. 20, 2003The people and clashes that shaped the Bush Doctrine on how to deal with Saddam and the rest of the world.
1:26:44The Man Who KnewOct. 3, 2002John O'Neill, the FBI's expert on Al Qaeda warned of its threat. But his maverick style doomed his career.
Faith and Doubt at Ground ZeroSep. 3, 2002One year after 9/11 how did America grapple with its biggest and most difficult questions?
55:39American PornFeb. 7, 2002Pornography is a multibillion dollar business. In a wired world, can anything stop it?
55:53Inside the Teenage BrainJan. 31, 2002What's behind teens' seemingly inexplicable behavior? Surprising answers from new scientific studies.
56:44Medicating KidsApr. 10, 2001What explains the surge in behavior-modifying drugs for children? How safe -- and necessary -- are they?
55:32The Merchants of CoolFeb. 27, 2001A look at how America's giant media corporations skillfully court the teenage consumer.
56:34The Killer at Thurston HighJan. 18, 2000The intimate story of a high school shooter and what led Kip Kinkel to kill his parents and then open fire on his classmates.
1:50:44From Jesus to Christ: The First ChristiansApr. 6, 1998The story of the life of Jesus and the epic rise of Christianity. Said one critic: " It's a revelation of what television can be."
ShtetlApr. 17, 1996 A remarkable three-hour film tells the homecoming story of two elderly Polish-American Jews who return to their families' shtetl
53:29The Long March of Newt GingrichJan. 16, 1996One year into the Republican revolution, FRONTLINE presents an investigative biography of House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
57:38Memory of the CampsMay. 7, 1985No one who has seen this documentary can ever forget it . One critic said it has the power "to shake the soul."
55:17A Class DividedMar. 26, 1985One of the most requested programs in FRONTLINE's history - the story of a teacher's daring lesson in discrimination.
Abortion ClinicApr. 18, 1983Two decades later, this remains one of the most powerful stories FRONTLINE has ever told.



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