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Politics & Economy
"It has always seemed to me a contradiction that this country, made up of independent states with a central governing body should have among its citizens those who fear and condemn a world governing body, governing even in the most limited, idealistic, easily thwarted, fashion."

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Science and Health
"I find it interesting that all focus seems to be on pesticide controls or elimination. While I can't disagree with regulating the farmers I wonder about the wisdom of those who allow developers to buy land and build communities that border the farmland that existed before the homes and schools. Perhaps the local zoning boards need to be more prudent with their decisions."

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Arts and Culture
"[NOW viewers are joining in an online discussion of THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV -- Join them.] "This novel is worth the effort. It speaks to us in our present day, even though it was written over a hundred years ago. For me, the discussion which I had about this book some 35 years ago did change my perspective in ways I could not then have changed without it. I began to look at books in general, at life in general, at this book in specific and at my life in specific in a new light."

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Society and Community
"This is the question I think that is at the heart of the topic here... and that is who defines us? Is it God or is it the world and how it has affected us? Who are we and why are we here? What is our purpose and meaning on this planet in this life?"

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This is directed to anyone who has begun to wave their fingers at 'Democrats' or 'Republicans' that are supposedly responsible for the Katrina disaster. It is not a happy post.

People are dying, armed gangs of thugs have roamed the streets stealing, killing and raping, dead bodies float out of homes and into the streets. And what thought creeps slowly upon the minds of the small and petty of this country and this board? With much glee and salivation they begin to spin a tale that will surely prove the right or the left is solely to blame and ought to be ashamed of their inaction.

With all this tragedy in their faces and all these people can see is motivation to further slander their supposed political opponents. Don't worry kids there will be plenty of blame to go around once all of this is done. A few of them might be Democrats, a few may be Republicans. Than you will have your opportunities to point your fingers at your TV screens and shout to the world "see, I was right!" You need to point your fingers of accusation 180 degrees opposite. Maybe you could take this opportunity to get off of your self adulating high horses and take part in some serious self reflection.

When you are trapped in your attic and the water has just reached your chin, it couldn't matter less whether you are a liberal or a conservative.

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