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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a transcript from a NOW show?
Transcripts of all broadcasts are available from each episode's main page. Our archive contains a full listing of NOW programs by week. Please allow for a delay of 1-2 business days following airdate before the transcript appears on the site.
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How can I get a VHS copy of a NOW show?
VHS copies of all NOW broadcasts are available for purchase from the PBS shop for $29.95 per episode for 2002 - 2004 and $19.95 for 2005. You can order from ShopPBS online or by calling 877-PBS-SHOP (1-877-727-7467). Please allow for a delay or 1-2 weeks following broadcast before the NOW episode is available for distribution.
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Why is NOW only a half an hour?
Thank you for your interest in NOW. Many viewers have expressed concern that NOW has gone to a 30 minute format. We want to assure you that in 2005 NOW will continue to deliver the same hard-hitting journalism and thoughtful interviews that have been the hallmark of the series. However, PBS budget considerations and the expansion of PBS' public affairs line-up have necessitated that NOW fit into a half-hour schedule.

We appreciate your interest and hope that you will continue to watch NOW as we tackle the issues facing the nation. We also encourage your continued support of your local public television station.
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When can I view NOW on my local PBS station?
In most markets, NOW airs on Friday evenings. To find out when NOW is on in your community, check your local listings or view the schedule, where you can find your local station by entering your zip code or choosing your state.
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How can I contact David Brancaccio or a staff person at NOW?
Please write to the following address:

JumpStart Productions
450 West 33rd Street
New York, NY 10001

You may also e-mail us at now@thirteen.org.
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Can I submit a story idea?
We appreciate your interest in NOW. Your input helps us understand what is important to our viewers. However, at this point we must discourage you from sending us your ideas because we simply don't have the time to give them the attention they warrant.
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How do I subscribe to the NOW weekly e-mail newsletter?
To receive information about NOW, please sign up for our weekly newsletter. E-mails will be sent to you on a weekly basis with a sneak preview of what will be on the show.
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How can I unsubscribe from the NOW weekly e-mail newsletter?
To stop receiving the NOW newsletter, please unsubscribe here.
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How can I contact a person who was interviewed or appeared on a NOW segment?
If you wish to send a guest from NOW a letter, you may send it to that person, care of NOW, and we will be happy to forward your letter. You may send it to:

JumpStart Productions
450 West 33rd St.
New York, NY 10001

For shows broadcast before January 2005 and to contact Bill Moyers:

Public Affairs Television
450 West 33rd St.
New York, NY 10001
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Who composed the theme music for NOW? Can I get a copy?
The theme music in NOW was composed by Douglas J. Cuomo. Copies of the theme music are not available for purchase.
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Can I watch an episode of NOW online via streaming video?
NOW began offering streaming online video of our programs in January of 2004. Links to view video of NOW programs are generally available on each episode's main weekly page. Our archive contains a comprehensive list of these pages by date. You can also perform a topic search to find videos that have been added to the site since 2006.

Please note that RealPlayer is required to view NOW segments online.
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If I'm an educator how can I find out about NOW lesson plans, special educational resources, and taping rights?
Please refer to the section of our Web site for educators for information on teacher resources and lesson plans.

You may record NOW off-air and use the program in the classroom for one year from the date of broadcast. If you miss a program, or your one year taping rights have expired, you can purchase the program from ShopPBS.
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How can I join the online discussion groups to discuss topics I've seen on NOW?
You may participate in online discussions as a registered user or as a guest. When you see a discussion that you want to join, click on "Talk about it." If you want to post a message, click on "Post" which will take you to a series of steps you will need to follow in order to become a registered user. Registered and confirmed users can bypass this step by entering your username and password which will log you on and let you post your message.
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How do I find out when a NOW episode will re-air?
Each public television station makes its own scheduling decisions based on its commitment to serve its own community. To find out if and when a program will re-air, you should check your local listings or contact the scheduling department of your local PBS station directly.

In the event that the program will not re-air in your area, you can always find more information about the program, including a full transcript and possibly a streaming video, on our Web site.
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Why do I receive my weekly newsletter late sometimes?
The server sometimes takes a while to distribute the emails, even when we make our best effort to send the newsletter in a timely manner. Our administrators have recently upgraded the software and assure us that we should see better, faster results in the near future.
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Why have I stopped receiving my newsletter?
Starting in January 2005 we changed the sending address of our newsletter. Your spam blockers may now be diverting the email into your spam folder. Simply check your spam folder and see if it is there. Usually you can mark the email and non-spam and in the future it will be delivered to you regular inbox.
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Why can't I print from the Web site?
You can! Every full show transcript has a printable version in black and white. Simply click on the printer icon at either the bottom or the top of the transcript. If you are having trouble printing other pages on our Web site you can get white pages with black type by following these instructions. Click on the "Tools" option of your internet browser. Select the "Internet Options" feature. Click on the tab for "Advanced." Scroll down through the list until you see the "printing" section. Uncheck the box for "Print background colors and images."

If text on the left-hand margin is being cut off by your printer follow these instructions: Click on the "File" option of your internet browsers. Select the "Page Setup" option. Lessen the left margin measurement.
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Why does the text on the NOW Web site appear black on a blue background?
Our text is white letters on a blue background. If you have black letters on a blue background that is because you have overwritten the defaults for your web browser. To change these defaults select tools from the top menu. From the tools menu select Internet Options. At the bottom of that pop-up screen you will see a tab for colors. Click on color and then check the box "use windows colors." Or in Netscape - "use default colors." This will make sure that every site you visit is readable. Additionally, you may have to check the accessibility button on that same pop-up. If the box "Ignore colors specified on web pages" is checked you will not see our site as designed.

Many NOW Web pages are configured to print black text on a white background. Older pages may offer a printable, black and white version of every transcript. Simply click on the printer icon located at the top and bottom of these transcript pages.

Our site is designed for screen resolutions of either 800x600 pixels or 640x480 pixels. On a 640x480 screen, the graphics and text will appear larger but you will see less at one time without scrolling. On a 800x600 screen, you should be able to see most of the main screens without scrolling.

To change your screen resolution, look for "Display Properties" or "Monitors & Sound" in your Control Panel.

Font Size
Our site is best viewed when your default font is set to "Medium" on Internet Explorer or Times New Roman size 12 on Netscape Navigator. If your font size is set significantly larger or smaller than these, you may experience some distorted graphics.
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