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General Reference

Chicago Historical Society
In addition to providing information about collections and ongoing exhibits, the Chicago Historical Society presents extensive online exhibits about the Chicago Fire, the Haymarket Affair, and other important events in the city's history.

City of Chicago
The official web site of the City of Chicago offers information from current events to city services while also listing many Chicago links.

Chicago Public Library
Follow the "Learn Chicago" link -- read a timeline of history from Chicago's discovery to the present, discover city symbols, and browse an extensive Chicago bibliography categorized by subject.

A Sampling of Chicago Institutions

Adler Planetarium
Visit outer space virtually via the Web site of the Adler, the first planetarium built in the Western hemisphere.

Art Institute of Chicago
One of the largest art museums in America, the Art Institute displays some of its greatest holdings online. The museum collection is particularly strong in 19th century French paintings, many of which were donated by Bertha Palmer.

Auditorium Theatre
The Auditorium Theatre Council presents performances in Adler and Sullivan's landmark building. Visit this site for event information as well as notes on the building's history.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Chicago's symphony highlights its world and American premieres on an interactive timeline, and provides event information on its site.

DuSable Museum of African American History
The DuSable Museum offers more than nine special exhibits every year, along with a concert series, a cinema series, an arts and crafts festival, and more.

Field Museum of Natural History
The Field Museum of Natural History was born of the exhibits from the World's Columbian Exposition. Its Web site provides museum information and an array of online exhibits. See Sue, the famous Tyrannosaurus rex fossil, on the Web, or learn how to manufacture chocolate.

Hull House Museum
The Hull Mansion is now a museum of Jane Addams' life and work, maintained by the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Museum of Science and Industry
This museum displays such wonders as a captured German submarine from World War II, a streamliner train from the 1930s, a 20-foot-tall model of the human heart you can walk through, the Apollo 8 spacecraft, and record-setting trains, planes, and automobiles.

Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago
Since 1919, the Oriental Institute has sponsored excavations in the Near East. Its archaeologists have explored and helped explain humankind's transition from hunter-gatherer to settled community life. The Web site includes a virtual tour of the museum, and an archive of vintage photographs documenting American expeditions to Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and Sudan.

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
In 1857, the Chicago Academy of Sciences became the city's first museum. In 1999, it expanded into the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, which creates exhibits to educate Chicagoans about the environment and science. One Web site highlight is an online butterfly identification lab.

Shedd Aquarium
Go eye to eye with the sharks, seahorses, dolphins, whales, sea otters, and a host of other aquatic creatures at Chicago's outstanding aquarium. The Web site includes plenty of information about any animal or habitat you'd care to explore.


Chicago Architecture Foundation
The Chicago Architecture Foundation sponsors city tours, exhibits, and lectures about the city's historic built environment.

City of Chicago: Chicago Landmarks
Access maps, listings, stories, and online virtual tours of Chicago's magnificent architecture on these pages provided by the City of Chicago.

Chicago Imagebase
This University of Illinois at Chicago project features maps, drawings and photographs of numerous Chicago buildings. The "Map Search" function allows visitors to search visually by clicking on a map.

The Digital Archive of American Architecture
Boston College professor Jeffrey Howe shares historic photographs of the World's Columbian Exposition fairground and individual buildings on his extensive architectural history Web site.

The Fire

The Great Chicago Fire And The Web of Memory
The Chicago Historical Society and Northwestern University present an online project detailing events of the 1871 fire and its aftermath with a trove of archival narratives and images.

1871: The Great Chicago Fire
View panoramas of post-fire Chicago and read an excerpted passage from A.T. Andreas's History of Chicago on this Chicago Public Library site.

Did the Cow Do It?
Lawyer Richard Bales spent years examining the cause of the Great Chicago Fire. This Web site details his findings, and publishes a transcript of Mrs. O'Leary's testimony.


The Dramas of Haymarket
The Chicago Historical Society and Northwestern University created this online project about the Haymarket incident as a tragic play in five acts, interpreting primary sources and other materials.

The Haymarket Affair Digital Collection
Another Chicago Historical Society site provides access to visual and written sources on the Haymarket uprising.

The Haymarket Tragedy
This site, maintained by the Illinois Labor History Society, provides information about the 1886 Haymarket tragedy.

Graveyards of Chicago: The Haymarket Monument
Take a virtual visit to the Haymarket Monument in Chicago's Forest Home Cemetery.


Cracker Jack Box
Cracker Jack ephemera collector Jim Davis maintains this Web site on the famous treat invented in 19th-century Chicago.

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
The Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum has published an 1884 Car Builder's Dictionary online. Images include original drawings of the Pullman Palace Car.

There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight
One of the most famous American tunes was written as a minstrel song, but retrofitted with parody lyrics about the Chicago Fire. Hear the Edison Band playing the "Hot Time March" on a wax cylinder recording from 1904 at http://www.tinfoil.com/sounds.htm. You can also listen to a New Orleans-style Louis Armstrong recording from October 1959, selection six of "Satchmo Plays King Oliver" at http://user.icx.net/~bcassady/satch_oliver.html.

Chicago Bibliography
The Chicago Public Library includes an extensive list of books about Chicago, organized by topics including neighborhoods, ethnic groups, and sports, on their Web site.

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