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Made in Chicago

%Nineteenth-century Chicago bred innovators in many fields. New technologies, business and labor practices, architecture, language, and even snacks made their debut in the rough-and-tumble city, and these novelties rapidly changed the way Americans lived. Tour this gallery and see a few of the many things that originated in Chicago.

Made in Chicago

  1. The Big Junction
  2. The Reaper Finds Its Market
  3. The Chicago Board of Trade and the Grain Elevator System
  4. The Futures Market
  5. The Slaughterhouse Disassembly Line
  6. The Refrigerated Rail Car
  7. The Pullman Palace Car
  8. "everything but the last breath of the hog"
  9. The eight-hour work day
  10. "the customer is always right"
  11. Mail order
  12. The Vertical City
  13. "Mickey Finn"
  14. "There's a sucker born every minute."
  15. "Midway"
  16. Cracker Jack
  17. "Southpaw"
  18. The Ferris Wheel

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