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Mamie Till Mobley (1921-2003)

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Mamie Bradley, mother of Emmett Till, 1955.

After Emmett Till's murder, his 33-year-old mother Mamie made sure that the world knew what had been done to her son, insisting on an open-casket funeral that thousands attended in Chicago. A picture of Emmett's disfigured corpse appeared in Jet magazine. African Americans across the country were outraged by the sight -- and the speedy acquittal of Emmett's murderers. Mamie lectured about her son's killing across the country, helping spur increased membership in the NAACP. Her public presentation of this dramatic case helped lay the groundwork of changes in national public opinion and fostered the awakening of a new generation of civil rights workers. She would go on to teach for 25 years in the Chicago public school system.

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