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Eyes on the Prize
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This Web site contains audio clips of freedom songs from the civil rights era. Access any of the music directly through this list.

"We Are Soldiers in the Army"
The Montgomery Bus Boycott, December 1955-December 1956

"Which Side Are You On?"
Southern School Desegregation, 1957-1962

"I'm Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table"
Non-Violent Protests, 1960

"Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round"
The Freedom Rides, 1961

"Oh Pritchett, Oh Kelley"
The Limits of Non-Violence, 1962

"You Better Leave Segregation Alone"
Project "C" in Birmingham, 1963

"We Shall Overcome"
The March on Washington, August 1963

"Mass Meeting and Prayer"
Freedom Summer, 1964

"Governor Wallace"
The Freedom March from Selma to Montgomery, AL, March 1965

"Burn, Baby, Burn"
Riots in Detroit, July 1967

"Keep Your Eyes on the Prize"
"Power to the People", 1966-1968

"Oh Freedom" and "Everybody's Got a Right to Live"
Poor People's Campaign, 1968

"Waist Deep in the Big Muddy"
Vietnam and the Civil Rights Movement, 1967-1968

"Your Dog Loves My Dog"
School Desegregation in Boston, 1974

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