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This Web site contains press clippings from papers across the nation, describing civil rights era events. Access the newspaper excerpts directly through this list.

Emmett Till's Murder, August 1955
Clippings about the murder and the trial.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott, December 1955-December 1956
Clippings about the successful boycott of segregated city buses.

Southern School Desegregation, 1957-1962
Clippings about the crisis at Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Non-Violent Protests, 1960
Clippings about the sit-in movement in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Freedom Rides, 1961
Clippings about violence against the Freedom Riders.

The Limits of Non-Violence, 1962
Clippings about protests and responses in Albany, Georgia.

Project "C" in Birmingham, 1963
Clippings about the protesters' demands, and letters opposing Martin Luther King, Jr.

The March on Washington, August 1963
Editorials from before and after the march.

Freedom Summer, 1964
Clippings about tensions, and violence surrounding the voter registration project.

The Freedom March from Selma to Montgomery, AL, March 1965
Clippings about the march, the violence, and public reactions.

The Nation of Islam and Malcolm X, 1964-1966
Reactions to Malcolm X's assassination.

Chicago Freedom Movement, 1966
Clippings about violence, the Cicero March, and activists' negotiations with the city.

Riots in Detroit, July 1967
Reactions to the uprising from the public and the press.

"Power to the People", 1966-1968
Comments on the success of black mayoral candidates in Cleveland, Ohio and Gary, Indiana.

Poor People's Campaign, 1968
Clippings about Resurrection City and the campaign's goals.

Vietnam and the Civil Rights Movement, 1967-1968
Responses to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s stance against the war.

The Black Panther Party, 1969
Clippings about black unrest, revolution, and the murder of two Panthers.

The Attica Prison Riot, 1971
Reactions to the uprising and the prisoners' behavior.

Blacks Define Themselves, 1964-1972
Clippings about the National Black Political Convention.

The First Black Southern Mayor, 1973
Editorials about the Atlanta mayoral race.

School Desegregation in Boston, 1974
Clippings from the early days of the busing crisis.

The Bakke Case and Affirmative Action, 1978
Responses to the Supreme Court's decision.

Riots in Florida, 1980
Clippings after the McDuffie verdict and the subsequent riots.

Conflict in Chicago, 1981
Clippings about housing problems, gangs, and political solutions.

Operation PUSH, 1983
Reactions to Chicago's bitter mayoral campaign and the election of Harold Washington.

Civil Rights Today, 2006
Clippings about the Clarence Thomas hearings, the L. A. riots, the Million Man March, and thoughts about race today.

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