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This Web site contains about two hours of historic video footage. Access any of the video directly through this list.

Emmett Till's Murder, August 1955
Emmett Till's mother speaks; person on the street interviews.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott, December 1955-December 1956
Scenes and speeches from the boycott.

Southern School Desegregation, 1957-1962
Footage of school integration at Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Non-Violent Protests, 1960
Footage of the sit-in movement in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Freedom Rides, 1961
Freedom Riders describe their journey.

The Limits of Non-Violence, 1962
Demonstrations, speeches, and freedom songs in Albany, Georgia.

Project "C" in Birmingham, 1963
Bull Connor's police attack protesters with fire hoses and dogs.

The March on Washington, August 1963
Scenes and speeches from the historic march.

Freedom Summer, 1964
Activists and newly registered voters speak.

The Freedom March from Selma to Montgomery, AL, March 1965
Scenes and speeches from the three march attempts.

The Nation of Islam and Malcolm X, 1964-1966
Interviews with Malcolm X and Martin Luther King on the effectiveness of non-violence.

Chicago Freedom Movement, 1966
One Chicagoan's view of blacks, and march footage from Cicero.

Riots in Detroit, July 1967
Newsreel footage of the uprising and its aftermath, plus footage of the 1965 Watts riot.

"Power to the People", 1966-1968
Mayoral candidate Carl Stokes on the campaign trail.

Poor People's Campaign, 1968
Martin Luther King on economic boycotts; Robert Kennedy breaks the news of King's assassination.

Vietnam and the Civil Rights Movement, 1967-1968
Anti-war protests.

The Black Panther Party, 1969
Scenes and speeches from California; the Panthers' ten-point plan.

The Attica Prison Riot, 1971
Archival footage of families outside the prison; interview with former inmate Frank Smith.

Blacks Define Themselves, 1964-1972
"Black Power" and Stokely Carmichael.

The First Black Southern Mayor, 1973
Maynard Jackson campaigning for mayor of Atlanta.

School Desegregation in Boston, 1974
Local news coverage of the busing crisis.

The Bakke Case and Affirmative Action, 1978
A news report on the Bakke case, including an interview with a black woman who was enrolled when Bakke was denied.

Riots in Florida, 1980
African Americans take to the streets after police kill Arthur McDuffie.

Conflict in Chicago, 1981
Scenes and speeches about black poverty and gang activity.

Operation PUSH, 1983
Jesse Jackson speaks.

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