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The First Match The Rematch June 19, 1936 | Yankee Stadium, New York
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Round Two

Louis delivers several hard blows to Schmeling's face, drawing blood. (3:26)

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1936 Louis vs. Schmeling fight

Audio Transcript

Clem McCarthy:
Over here Schmeling looks very calm in his corner. Max... rather Joe Jacobs is standing in front of him and cautioning him. There's the whistle. In a moment we'll have the bell. The seconds are leaving the ring. Louis, as usual no expression, Jack Blackburn leaning over him and giving him one last word, but it's a very few words. Jack doesn't say much and here they step to the center of the ring. And Schmeling, looking confident, is sparring away there. Louis leads with his left and misses. Schmeling tries with two lefts that are both short. Louis tries with a very light left but overreaches. Schmeling tried with a hard left swing but it was about a fraction of an inch shy. And Louis came in fast with rights and lefts to Schmeling's jaw but apparently no power behind them because Schmeling only just backed away from them. Now Louis in the center, and Schmeling... Louis led with another left to Schmeling's face. Schmeling stepped back. And Louis came in with another left and it was short and a right came over, a right cross but it was short, and at close quarters Joe Louis dug a hard right into Schmeling's body. Now in the center of the ring they are measuring each other with left hands and doing little damage. So far Schmeling has done as much leading with his left as Louis, although he hasn't landed as many blows. There were two light lefts, one by each man. And Louis now led with another left to Schmeling's face. He missed with a left. And at close quarters he gave Schmeling a hard left hook to high on the jaw, just under the eye. And Schmeling is bleeding slightly there. Louis put over a left hand that caught Schmeling on the nose but did little damage. There was a low left by Schmeling -- by Louis I should say -- just over the belt, but a good hard left hook it was. And there Schmeling let go with a hard right hand that landed flush on Louis' jaw and then at close quarters Schmeling bore in and carried Louis to the ropes and pounded with rights and lefts. Right back in the center of the ring. Louis let go with a light hand and caught Schmeling in the jaw. Then he missed with a hard right uppercut. And now your fight is really on. Schmeling shot that hard right just then. Louis came back at him with a hard left and at close quarters Schmeling... Louis got in a hard left hook to the stomach and then Schmeling got in a left to the jaw. Louis got in another straight left to Schmeling's face. In the center of the ring Louis gave him one of those hard lefts, another hard left and now he missed with a couple of lefts. But there were two hard lefts and he made Schmeling back round. Schmeling... Louis gave Schmeling three hard lefts to the face and has him backing down. Now Schmeling came in and looked like a clinch for a second but Louis backed away. Louis is depending on that left lead and he's letting Schmeling have it in the face as often as he can. Schmeling keeps his left hand up and is ready to shoot with that right hand. But once more Louis gave him a left flush in the face, another left on the left eye. Louis got over... that's two lefts in succession in the face, and then a left to the nose. And now, in the center of the ring... Schmeling shot his right hand, and it hit Louis on the jaw and went off. And they thought it was the bell. The referee stepped in to tell them to break and the crowd's roar was so great they thought it was the bell.

And both fighters stepped back and Donovan had to bring them to the center of the ring once more. There they stand in the center and both sparring. Schmeling, very good-natured, but is watching Louis carefully and got that right hand ready. He is going to shoot with everything he's got the moment he gets a chance. Louis in the meantime, his pouring left hand hard into Schmeling's face and there he let go with a left hook that didn't do much damage. At close quarters he lets Schmeling have one on the jaw but it was light for that kind of fighter. Now in the center of the ring, Louis is out there once more and he lets Schmeling have a left to the face, missed with a left and at the bell Schmeling was trying to come through with a right to the body but he pulled the blow up halfway and it didn't land.