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The First Match The Rematch June 19, 1936 | Yankee Stadium, New York
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Round Three

Schmeling puts up a strong defense, as his right eye swells up. (3:08)

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1936 Louis vs. Schmeling fight

Audio Transcript

Clem McCarthy:
All right Ed. There was the bell. And they step out into the ring once more in the center. Louis is in the center, Schmeling slightly towards his own corner and they stand there feinting with their left hands, and sparring around, and Louis lashed out with a light left to the body and Schmeling backed away and let him have a left in return. Now once more in the center of the ring Schmeling is... Schmeling with a hard left to Louis' body and he brought over two hard rights and Louis let him have a hard left hook to the jaw to turn Schmeling around, and once more they're over on the other side of the ring. And Louis is pouring rights and lefts into Schmeling and Schmeling covered up and now Louis let him have another hard left to the face. Schmeling backed away towards the opposite neutral corner. Louis hooked a hard left to Schmeling's body and came over with a right, then a left to Schmeling's face and Schmeling goes round and is backed away to Louis' corner. And now a fast exchange of lefts to the face, each man got in. Schmeling then landed a good left to Louis' face -- a very good left -- but there Louis brought over a hard left to Schmeling's face. Another one right on the jaw, and now Schmeling is directly over me and Louis is lashing out with that piston like left, it's got all the power of a Buick plus a lot of speed, and there over in his own corner, Max Schmeling is backing away from Louis.

Louis keeps pouring that left into his face, and brings up a hard right uppercut to Schmeling's body. And the referee cautions Schmeling to break at his command. Schmeling nodded agreeably and backed away. Louis is in the center of the ring, Schmeling let out with a left but it missed Louis and Louis tried with a left but was short. Now they're both sparring in the center of the ring and Schmeling let go with that right hand and it caught Louis on the jaw, but he only nodded and stepped to one side and came right back in with two fast lefts to Schmeling's face and gave Schmeling another left to the face and a right to the body. Now Schmeling got in a hard left to Louis' face and backed away towards the neutral corner. Louis following up and Louis has poured two lefts into Schmeling's face and missed with a right to the body. Schmeling keeps out a straight left trying to keep Louis at arms length and with his right hand cocked, Louis poured in on Schmeling and let him have three straight rights in the face and made him break ground to the center of the ring. Schmeling is now in the center, Louis once more poured a left into Schmeling's face and Schmeling took three steps backwards to his own corner. Louis keeps trailing him and is ready with either hand to shoot and they both shot rights and lefts and in the exchange of rights and lefts to the jaw, they got... Schmeling got slightly the worse of it. Now Louis is pouring rights and lefts to Schmeling's jaw, and nothing but that Schmeling courage is keeping him in there. He's taking it but he's breaking ground. Louis following him across the ring and ready with right and left hands to put over the knockout any chance he gets but Schmeling keeps taking those blows. His eye looks bad, his left eye. Schmeling... Louis has connected three times in succession here in this last round with Schmeling's left eye, keeps jamming that left hand into his face and then trying to shoot the right over, and in the instance he gets that opening, the right hand will come for the jaw. Schmeling came in under there and tried to tie Louis up and in a fast exchange of rights and lefts at close quarters, Louis got in first a right and then a left to the face and there's the bell.