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The First Match The Rematch June 19, 1936 | Yankee Stadium, New York
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Round Four

Schmeling spots his opening and lets loose with a smashing attack. (3:34)

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1936 Louis vs. Schmeling fight, Louis hits canvas

Audio Transcript

Ed Hill:
Schmeling comes forward, and Louis meets him and there.

Clem McCarthy:
And there at the bell, Schmeling stepped out slowly to the center of the ring, Louis came just as cautiously, and in the center of the ring, they're both sparring and feinting with left hands but nothing doing yet, for about this first... they've been in there eight seconds now and not a blow has been landed. Each man feinting with his left. Louis tried three times, there with a left to draw Schmeling in but no chance. Schmeling stepped back and Schmeling led with a light left to the face but no power behind it, and now Louis shot a hard left to Schmeling's jaw and in return Schmeling got over a left to Louis' jaw and then a right too that was intended for the jaw but missed and slid off his shoulder. Now in the center of the ring, Louis with Schmeling over in the other neutral corner and Louis let him have a light left hook high on the rib and back in the center of the ring Schmeling led with a left hook that was very low and didn't try to finish the blow and stepped back to the center of the ring, Louis keeps following him up and watching carefully. No change in Louis' expression, there he got out that straight left and Schmeling let go with a hard right to Louis' jaw that Louis took just in his stride and came right back at Schmeling, came back quick and now Louis is leading with the left. Then Louis lashed out again with that left, Schmeling tried with the left but missed. And there in close quarters, Louis shot a right hand that was as quick as a Buick's eyewink pickup and right now, Schmeling is backing away to the other side of the ring and Louis in the center of the ring is trailing him, and Louis shot another left hand to the face, Schmeling weaved in underneath and tried with a light left of his own, but no damage behind it. Schmeling broke ground again and Louis let him have a straight left to the face and Schmeling tosses a right hand to the jaw but Louis rode the blow and came in with a left hand and then a right that caught Schmeling and made him step back once more in the center of the ring, Louis leads out with a light left, and Schmeling ducks. Comes back now with another left of his own but is short. Louis is short with a left and Louis gets in a light left to Schmeling left eye -- the bad eye. It looks a little bad. Then Louis got in a left to Schmeling's nose, then a left to his body, then a left to his jaw and Schmeling broke ground and is over in the neutral corner with Louis pursuing him but Schmeling steps right in on him and tried to land right and left but missed and came into close quarters. Without a command from the referee they broke. Now they are back in the center of the ring and Schmeling... Louis led with a left to the face but was short and Schmeling stepped back and ducked under another left and now Schmeling tried with a left and Louis tried with a left and no damage. Schmeling with another left, Louis with a left and they're still out there in the center of the ring, Schmeling backing away cautiously, waiting for some opening that he wants, and Schmeling got over a right hand high on Louis' jaw that made Louis rock his head. Schmeling has sent Louis down. Joe Louis is down! He did not wait for the count, he got up on the count of two. Schmeling came back at him and gave him another right and Schmeling is pouring in now and Louis for the first time is getting the real test. Schmeling gave him another right to the jaw. Schmeling has put in four rights to Louis' jaw. They're on the other side of the ring, with Schmeling following him, as quick as a cat. And all the power of a Buick in that right hand. Schmeling's right hand is going to tell the story of this blow for Schmeling, win or lose. And at the bell, they're still trying to fight. Schmeling resented, Louis trying to come through with a blow after the bell and Schmeling retaliated with another blow to Louis and the referee had to step in, the two fighters glared at one another. Schmeling at Louis, "what did you do that for," Louis back at him, and tried for another one. The referee got them apart, sent Schmeling back to his corner. Jack Blackburn, for the first time that I've ever seen him, looks worried. He's got a worried expression on his face.