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The First Match The Rematch June 19, 1936 | Yankee Stadium, New York
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Round Five

Louis takes a defensive approach to the resurgent Schmeling. (3:29)

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1936 Louis vs. Schmeling fight

Audio Transcript

Ed Hill:
And now one moment, because this may end, Buick extends to Police Commissioner Louis J. Valentine of New York City the privilege of reminding this vast radio audience that the use of care, courtesy, and common sense when driving will prevent accidents.

Clem McCarthy:
Schmeling got over a hard right, another hard right to Louis' face. He shot another right to his jaw, but Louis is crowding him and trying to tie him up. The referee had to step between them and took Schmeling back. Schmeling has got all the confidence in the world. Louis let Schmeling have a left hook but Louis is meeting the hardest right hand punches that he has ever faced, and he shot a... Louis shot a hard left to Schmeling high on the jaw. Schmeling took it, backed away, shook his head and now he is set once again and trying to come in with his left and shoot over that right hand. That's the only punch he's got, but what a punch it is tonight. It's a new punch to Louis, and Louis is keeping his left hand out there to keep Schmeling at a distance and now Louis shot over a hard right but his blows don't seem to have that sting that I have seen them have many a time. Schmeling is full of confidence. Louis led with a light left swing. He is definitely trying to cope and Schmeling let him have rights and lefts to the jaw. First a left and then a right and the right carried power but Louis rode it. There! Schmeling got in another hard right to Louis' jaw. Louis came back with a hard right to Schmeling's stomach and a left to his jaw. Louis tried with a left and it landed but no damage. Schmeling is in the center of the ring, he is full of confidence and ready to lead. Louis let out with a low left but didn't finish the blow. Louis in the center of the ring. And Schmeling shot that right hand. It was high on Louis' head. And Louis rode the punch. Louis is regaining a little confidence now. But there's a new expression on his face, those lips are open for the first time. It's a new Louis we're seeing here in the ring tonight, meeting the greatest fighter he's yet faced. And Louis backing into his own corner for the first time. Schmeling crowding Louis to his corner and he shot a hard right to Louis' face and it landed high on the jaw. It raised a lump under Louis' eye, but in coming out of that corner, Louis let go with a hard left to Schmeling's jaw and a right to his body. Now in the center of the ring, Louis is in there and he led with a left to Schmeling's jaw. Schmeling has that right hand cocked, still ready. He just leads out with the left and tries with his right hand when he gets the opening. He got another one there and Louis came back at him and crowded him and let him have hard rights and lefts to body and jaw. And Louis missed with a hard right there to the head and at close quarters they are pounding one another's bodies, forearms and shoulders. Now in the center of the ring, Louis is following Schmeling like a hurt boy. This is a new Louis, I want to remind you, that we are seeing here tonight. He is now crowding Schmeling and he let go there with one of those good hard lefts to Schmeling's jaw. Schmeling had to back round a little bit but Schmeling is flushed and ready. He tried once more with a right but Louis has got it measured apparently now and he stepped back out of the way of three good hard ones. And there he got in a hard left to Schmeling's face. I am beginning to think that we might have a good long fight tonight and you folks can settle back in your chairs just as easy as you would ride in a Buick because these men look like they are going a long ways. They apparently can take the brutal punishment that each is handing out. And there Schmeling with hard rights at the bell. I have never seen any fight like this. They refuse to stop at the bell. Louis was hit after the bell. [unintelligible] Blackburn is raising his hands. Joe Jacobs in his corner is yelling at Schmeling, cautioning him not to do that again, Schmeling has lost his temper twice and he has struck Louis after the bell. Louis has punched him back.