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The First Match The Rematch June 19, 1936 | Yankee Stadium, New York
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Round Six

Both fighters deliver vicious blows - even after the bell signals the end of the round. (3:13)

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1936 Louis vs. Schmeling fight, Schmeling lands right

Audio Transcript

Clem McCarthy:
Now there's the bell. They step out. And Louis is slow to come from his corner. Blackburn giving him one last caution. Schmeling shoots a hard fast right to Louis' face, another to Louis' face. Louis is a dazed, tired, bewildered fighter. And Schmeling is fighting him to this side of the ring. Louis is right above me, and he's a tired looking fighter. Schmeling has all his well-known stamina. There, another hard right to Louis' jaw. Louis is wobbling against the ropes. He went to the ropes, went to his corner the other time, wobbling there in close quarters. Schmeling brought up a right uppercut to Louis' jaw, but Louis rode the punch and got away. Louis' gameness is getting a real test tonight. His courage is getting one try-out. And in the center of the ring, Louis missed with a very weak left and with a right. Then Schmeling shot a hard right to Louis' jaw. In close quarters, they each got in hard rights for the jaw, but Schmeling weathered those better. And there was as hard a blow as Schmeling has shot this evening. It landed just over Louis' ear and rocked his head. They stepped into close quarters. And Louis looks different than I have ever seen him at this moment. And right now, the old Louis still has that left hand out in front, opening a man up just doesn't seem to be there. And Jack Blackburn over in his corner is watching carefully. Louis is trying to duck those blows and he did manage to duck one of Schmeling's hard right hands and the referee had to break them. Louis keeps boring in and got over a hard right high on Schmeling's head. Schmeling took it. There, Louis got in one of those good old-time lefts square in the face. Schmeling took it and backed up. Now in the center of the ring, Louis is standing there, both men taking it easy, sparring. Apparently both of them would be willing for a little rest, although Schmeling is ready to unleash the best he's got in that right hand. There, Louis got in two lefts to Schmeling's chin and then he straightened him up with a left hand and Louis has got some plan in the back of his head, if he can put it over, but I don't know whether he can do it. He there led with three straight lefts, Louis did. And Schmeling countered with a left, then Louis with another left and Schmeling with a left to the body. No damage in any of those reaching blows. There, Louis shot a left to Schmeling's jaw and Schmeling backed away. Louis missed another one to Schmeling. And Schmeling sent over a right hand that seemed to make Louis' legs wobble but Louis rallied and he's still in there. And Louis is crowding Schmeling to the ropes and there was a hard exchange at close quarters with Schmeling driving over a hard right to Louis' body but Louis follows him around the ring and keeps shooting that left hand once more. There, Louis missed with a hard right uppercut but had plenty behind it. So far, I must say that Max Schmeling has taken every blow that Joe Louis can shoot at him with either hand. And I can't say quite so much for Louis at this stage. But there Louis came in with a left hook to the body, just above the belt and it carried power but Schmeling backed away and then shot hard right hands high on Louis' jaw and made Louis give ground. This is the greatest heavyweight fight we've seen in years. Right there in the center of the ring, Schmeling bobbing and weaving, trying to get away from Louis. Louis still with all that power and he's got the power but Schmeling... Now they're still trying to fight after the bell. They refuse to break. More bitterness than I have seen in any fight. And Louis goes back to his corner.