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The First Match The Rematch June 19, 1936 | Yankee Stadium, New York
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Round Seven

Louis comes back strong, punching to greater effect. (3:13)

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1936 Louis vs. Schmeling fight

Audio Transcript

Ed Hill:
...cheering him up, talking to him, sponging his face. And now the bell and Clem.

Clem McCarthy:
They came out slow, Louis slower than I've ever seen him come. Max is eager. We are going into the seventh round, Schmeling is in the center of the ring and Louis is backing towards my corner slightly. Both feeling each other out and sparring and making feints with left hands but nothing happens. Schmeling shows a disposition to duck and weave while Schmeling... Louis is trying with that left hand. There, Schmeling shot his right hand but not much power behind it. And Louis stepped back. Louis is now in the center of the ring. Schmeling over near my corner. And Louis is crowding Schmeling slightly and there, Louis came in with a fast left hook to the body. Landed flush in Schmeling's body and made him give ground. Louis gains confidence every time he gets over one of those left hooks to the body and it looks to me like Blackburn has finally got it into Louis' head to keep centering on left hooks to the body to open this fellow up and make him keep back to that right hand. There's another left hook to the body followed by a right to the jaw but Schmeling took it against the ropes. And now, out in the center of the ring, Schmeling tried with the right hand but Louis rode it. And Louis then feinted and then shot a left to Schmeling's face but no damage. Louis is still waiting to shoot those left hooks to the body. Schmeling keeps ducking around the ring. And Louis lets Schmeling have a left hook in the face that made him back up more than I have seen Schmeling back up now in three rounds. And Louis is rallying at this moment, if Schmeling doesn't stop him with another one of those hard rights. And there it was. Louis took it and let him have a right to the body in exchange. Then Louis led with a left that missed, but he came over with a right to Schmeling's jaw that landed. Then he let Schmeling have a left hook and they stepped into a clinch. It looked a little low but Schmeling said "no, this is alright," and now in the center of the ring, Louis is feinting, Schmeling... and watching for a chance with that right hand -- he is ready to shoot the right. Schmeling is ready to shoot his right. But Louis let him have a left hook to the body. Louis shot in a left hook to the body and came over with a right and made Schmeling back ground. And now Schmeling is stepping back.

Louis, in the center of the ring. Louis with his left hand out and Louis drove in a hard right to the body. Schmeling tried to straighten him up with a left but no power. And Louis, still in the center of the ring, let go with a left at Schmeling's face, nothing behind it. Schmeling backed away once more. Now Schmeling danced over to my corner. Louis was already there with the one two. He did get in a very light left to Schmeling's body, a left hook. And Schmeling came back with a light left to the face. Louis has rallied and apparently is out of danger and has learned how to take that right hand. Now Louis is trying with his own left. He's got his own plan of attack. Blackburn has rallied him over there and it's going to be a real fight with the better man winning. And there Louis missed with as hard a right overhand swing as you ever saw. Schmeling just did duck under it and it went over the back of his head but there Louis shot in a hard left hook to the body and straightened Schmeling up against the ropes. Now Louis got over a left to the face and a right to the face. And now he is ducking Max into the ropes and Max is trying to retaliate. But at close quarters, Joe Louis is showing his mettle. And at this moment, he is outfighting Schmeling and there he straightened Schmeling up with a left hand. Louis is in the center of the ring and they exchange left hands. Schmeling is backing towards me, Louis is ready with his left hand, and there they exchange rights and lefts but Schmeling covered up with his forearms across his jaw and Louis tried with rights and lefts to the face. And this round, they really broke clean at the bell.