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The First Match The Rematch June 19, 1936 | Yankee Stadium, New York
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Round Eight

Schmeling continues to exploit Louis' flaw, landing his devastating right on the American's head. (3:04)

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1936 Louis vs. Schmeling fight

Audio Transcript

Ed Hill:
The whistle is blown, they're getting the boys ready, Louis seems much stronger. And now the bell.

Clem McCarthy:
And as they step out of their corners, both men coming out slowly. Louis a little more aggressive now. And Louis is going to carry the fight to Schmeling, gives every evidence of it. Schmeling's left eye is slightly closed, not bad, not enough to do any damage. And Louis is ready with that left hook to the body, and that'll be his pet bull: a left hook to the body and then a right to the jaw. Schmeling still counts on that right hand to crash it over, but Louis is now ducking that right hand or riding the punch [Recording skips] and hasn't done as much damage. There, Schmeling got over a bruising left to Louis' face and made Louis back up. Then Louis forced Schmeling to the center of the ring. Now Louis led with a left and it did no damage. Schmeling was inside of it. [Recording skips] Louis shot a hard left hook to the jaw but Schmeling was away from it. Schmeling trying with a left hand is in close. And Louis trying with a left and Schmeling got in that hard right to the jaw again but Louis took it. There, Schmeling came up with lefts and rights and there he made Louis [Recording skips]... but Schmeling is trying with right uppercuts and overhand rights but Louis comes back at him. And gives him almost as good as he takes. And in the center of the ring, Louis is still carrying the fight to Schmeling. Louis' legs seem to buckle under him there. He is a mighty misleading fighter. When Schmeling crashes up with those hands, now in the center of the ring Louis is letting Schmeling have it with both hands and is carrying the fight to him once more. They exchange left hands, and in the center of the ring Schmeling is back towards me and Louis tried with a left hand and with a left right and [unintelligible] these two men. [unintelligible] and a right hand and he got a hard right hand in return with this exchange of rights and lefts to the jaw... [unintelligible] Schmeling with his left hand, Schmeling missed with a hard left and they went to a brief clinch and at the command they parted. Louis once more with Schmeling's left [Recording skips]... a hard left to Schmeling's jaw and then a right that landed on his back. Schmeling was in close of it.

Now Schmeling in the center of the ring he is inclined to carry the fight to Louis. And Louis is watching, [Recording skips] he'll have to go back to that left hook to the body if he hopes to do any real damage. Although he keeps straightening Schmeling up with his lefts to the face. There, Louis gave Schmeling lefts to the face and made Schmeling give ground. Schmeling is back in the other corner now from me and Schmeling took a left in the face and shot over a right to the jaw [Recording skips] that Louis took. Louis missed with a very feeble left. Schmeling tried to bring in a right hand upper cut. Louis is somewhat off-balanced. And technically fouled. Schmeling there -- [Louis] hit him low, the referee cautioned him and Schmeling stepped back and forgave him. Louis came in with another left hook, right on the belt, once more. They've cautioned Louis to keep them up. And there's the bell.